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discipline cost and action duration

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  • discipline cost and action duration

    A Neonate Nosferatu Vampire wants to use Nightmare 3 Grand Delusion during a fight. Cost is 2 Vitae. Nosferatu's limitation is 1 Vitae per turn. To use this discipline it needs to spend 1 Vitae in 2 turns.

    1.) Can the Nosferatu do it - spend 2 Vitae in 2 turns for 1 discipline use? Obviously, the Nosferatu can do it outside of a fight.

    2.) How many instant actions must the Nosferatu use? 1 or 2?

    3.) If the Nosferatu uses 1 action only, but must spending 2 Vitae in 2 turns, which action is the "discipline" action? Meaning, can the Nosferatu do the following: first turn - attack and spend Vitae for Grand Delusion, second turn - instant action for Grand Delusion action and spend second Vitae? Or, is it the other way around? First turn - instant action for Grand Delusion action and spend second Vitae (no effect of the Discipline), second turn - attack and spend Vitae for Grand Delusion (plus Grand Delusion effect = contested roll)?

    This goes for other disciplines, too. Animalism: Summon the Hunt, Feral Infection. Auspex: Twilight Projection. Dominate: Lying Mind, etc.

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    I do it similar to your first proposal.

    Turn 1 - Attack. (Instant) Spend 1 vitae. (Reflexive)

    Turn 2. Spend 2nd vitae (Reflexive) Activate discipline (Instant) Discipline takes effect at end of this turn as normal.

    I wouldn't object to...

    Turn 1. Activate discipline (Instant) Spend 1 Vitae (reflexive)

    Turn 2. Spend 2nd vitae (reflexive) and discipline takes effect. Attack (instant)

    My only sticking points are,
    1. All activation costs, material components, and action time must be on hand and spent before the power takes effect.
    2. The discipline takes effect in the same turn all prerequisites are met.
    3. Whichever option players choose, they stick with that format for the duration of the chronicle.


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      Tsusasi's first example is correct. You spend Vitae reflexively in the turns leading up to the activation of the Discipline, and the same turn you spend the last required Vitae you can activate the Discipline with an instant action.
      If you spread the Vitae cost over turns, you still need to spend at least one Vitae on that cost per turn or the previously spent Vitae is wasted. Similarly, if you've paid for the activation of a Discipline but is unnable to activate it (for example, if you've used up your instant action that turn) the Vitae is also wasted.
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