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picking aspirations at the beginning of a story arc

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  • picking aspirations at the beginning of a story arc

    What is the best way to handle players picking aspirations when a story arc is just beginning? They won't be able to pick ones related to the story arc because they won't know what the goals of the arc are going to be. Do you let players leave an aspiration blank so they can pick one early in the first session of the new arc, or do you get players to pick aspirations related to personal goals and then have them pick arc-related ones next session?

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    Why not just give the players enough information during a 'session 0' so they can pick aspirations related to your story/plot for the first session?

    If that doesn't work for you, remember that aspirations are also meant as a tool for the players to steer the narrative of your game. Aspirations should contain things the players want to see happen, and should function as a guideline for you, the Storyteller, on how to structure your story and game sessions. So why not allow your players to come up with aspirations related to things they want to see happen and use that to fill your first session with story content, while also drip-feeding your own plot into the mix?


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      I've only run the one chronicle with Aspirations so far but I handled it by giving the players the few particulars required for the chronicle, in this case it was teenagers between the age of 14 & 17 living in or around Eureka California, then told them to pick Aspirations that fit their character concept and what they wanted them to do. As we played and they began to pick up the plot they were able to change their Aspirations, especially in cases where the earlier one had been fulfilled, and take ones more directed to the story.
      As Ventrue pointed out, their Aspirations helped guide me when creating the necessary links between their characters and my plot. They actually served as the 'seed' from which most of the side stuff grew.
      I like to include a lot of unrelated, and often personal side elements, just to remind the players that the plot doesn't take place in a vacuum.


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        If the main plot would be such a focus that they might not have any time to aspire to personal goals and you don't want to spoil anything by suggesting Aspirations, just skip that step and grant them 2-3 Beats and WP points at the end of the first session as if they fulfilled that many Aspirations. Next session they should have enough information to be able to set new ones.

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