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The Abhartach (crossover bloodline)

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  • The Abhartach (crossover bloodline)

    I'm GMing a game for Ordo Dracul PCs, and they are entering stepping on some other splats toes because of Wyrm Nest hunting. One of my PCs was looking for a good crossover bloodline for Vampire-Changeling and we researched a lot. I already created some material, as seen on my signature, the Kiasyd, but the player didn't like them. So, after reading various posts and the new book(Spilled Blood), we created a Ordo Dracul bloodline.

    Here is the link for it:

    The Abhartach

    I took heavy inspiration on the Keijukainen from Falco1029, and I thank him for the permission to publish my material for you guys.
    I hope you guys like it as much as I did.

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    Try looking at the Admonitoria, a hybrid. It’s exact location eludes my mind at the moment but it was fairly popular and well received.


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      Originally posted by ThriceHonored View Post
      Try looking at the Admonitoria, a hybrid. It’s exact location eludes my mind at the moment but it was fairly popular and well received.
      That was one of my readings. But we were trying to create a bloodline, not a hybrid.

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      Mage Legacies: Infernal Ones, Daoine


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        Mystery of the Folklore

        Purple Eyes •
        To reign on the world of the fae, you need to first be able to see past their lies. The dragon adapts his Kindred Senses to be able to detect Fae creatures as easily as he detects blood and heartbeats. He is also capable of seeing past the Mask of Changelings and Fae creatures. As a drawback however, those beings are capable of seeing the vampire true nature, even when he is under the effects of the Blush of Life, and recognize him as a vampire. Powers that hide the vampire or changeling presence, like Obfuscate, still function normally.

        Over the Garden Wall ••
        After all those experiments, the Dragon acquire some more unusual capabilities. His Kindred Sense can now detect dormant hedge gates, and similar to a changeling, the dragon may open an existing gate by spending one Vitae. The gate opens for a number of turns equal to his Blood Potency. As a drawback, the Vitae seems to corrupts the nature of the gate, making it opens when human blood touches it.

        Seven-League Boots •••
        The world of the Fae is mischievous and its thorns try to subjugate any who dare to enter, but the Beast cannot be stopped on its hunt. When navigating the Hedge for a scene, treat their Coil rating as Wyrd for the “Chase” mechanics, and his Humanity counts as Clarity for the sake of the Hedge’s initiative. The dragon becomes capable of subtle Hedgespinning, replacing Wyrd with Coil of the Folklore and Glamour with Vitae as appropriate.

        Pinky Promise ••••
        While the typical pledges of the Fae are still beyond the scope of this Mystery , the Dragon can create a sort of oath, imbued with a bit of his Vitae. By successfully activating this power with a Manipulation + Occult + Coil of the Fae vs Resolve + Supernatural Resistance test when given a promise, statement of intent, or other agreement, she enforces a bond not unlike the vinculum, though far more targeted. If the victim tries to break their word, they suffer the same difficulties as harming a Regent during a third-stage vinculum, and grant the same benefits to the character’s disciplines (though no social aspects or emotions are affected). Like a Vinculum, both the agreement and any suffered effects last for a year before fading.

        The Changeling •••••
        With the final Tier of the Coil, the Dragon discovered the secrets and tricks of the insidious Fae. The Dragon becomes capable of using paradigm shifts with Seven-League Boots. He may also use teamwork rules to assist Changelings with rolls for Hedgespinning now.

        Scales of the Folklore

        The Fetch
        Prerequisite Coil: The Changeling
        Procedure: The Dragon dries up a human vessel and pour his very essence into him in a process similar to the Embrace. But instead of turning the vessel into another Kindred, he creates a Fetch, splitting himself in the procedure. This procedure needs to be done inside the Hedge and costs a paradigm Shift of 10 successes.
        Outcome: After the pseudo-Embrace, his original body slips into torpor and the new body transforms as closely as possible into one that resembles the dragon. He awakes with Vitae equals the quantity used to Embrace the Fetch. Most of his traits don’t change, but if the body used was bigger or smaller than that of the vampire, he gains or loses size as appropriate, recalculating his derived traits. The new body suffers the bane of Iron, like a changeling. He can still use his Disciplines and develop new ones, but his Blood Potency cannot increase during that time, he still can Diablerize other vampires, and collect the Diablerie Beats, but can only spend them after returning to his original body. His original body becomes lost inside the Thorns and can be found by changelings of hobgoblins. Finally, if this Fetch is destroyed, it reverts into its original form, and the torpid dragon awakes on his original body, wherever it may be, after the normal time for torpor passes. The vampire gains all the experiences, memories, and powers that the Fetch acquired during its existence, as if it had been dreaming during his torpor with the experiences. This heinous act automatically makes the vampire lose a point of Humanity.
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        Vampire Homebrews
        Mage Legacies: Infernal Ones, Daoine