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[Homebrew 2e] Coil of the Hunger

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  • [Homebrew 2e] Coil of the Hunger

    I made a coil based on the Big Bad Wolf that resolves around becoming a better predator. This idea was inspired by the Mystery of the Devourer, made by DarTarel. I'll make some Scales tomorrow. Any criticism is appreaciatted. I'm trying to create more Coils but I don't know exactly what would be considered too powerful.

    This Coil is an optional path for those who practice the Mystery of Wyrm, drawing power from the Beast to develop themselves into better predators. Beliving that by being better at satiating their eternal hunger, they can discover a way to overcome it.

    Coil of the Hunger

    Deep Voice (•)
    The Dragon has initiate her steps into becoming the ultimate predator. Her voice soothes her targets so they don't suspect her presence. For social interactions with humans, she is treated as having her Humanity plus half her dots on Coil of the Hunger rounded up.

    Big Eyes (••)
    When hungry, the Beast becomes a even better predator, capable of spotting the better prey for her needs, but the Defiant doesn't need to starve to perceive her prey. She now always receives the benefits of being hungry when rolling Feeding Scenes. If she is already hungry or starving, add her Coil of the Hunger as bonus dices on top of those.

    Big Hands (•••)
    Some prey are harder to catch than others, but the Dragon has learned how to hold them tight. When grappling, the dragon is capable of using the Restrain manuever without using ropes or another item, she can inflict the Immobilized Tilt with a bite. Her opponent can still try to break free from the Tilt as normal, treating the durability of this supernatural binding equal to the Dragons Blood Potency.

    Big Mouth (••••)
    At this stage, the Dragon has developed a capacity for draining his victims dry in mere seconds. When feeding non-violently from non-supernatural beings, she can chose to dry her victim immediatly, replenishing Vitae equal to the victim size. This sudden rush of blood is invigorating, making the vampire recover a point of Willpower. She is still probably killing the victim, with may prompt a Detachment roll. When feeding violently, instead of draining only one point of Vitae, every damage caused by the bite is treated as Vitae ingested from the victim, in case of a Kindred adversary, the Dragon can transform her sucess into Vitae stolen instead of damage.

    All Consuming Maw (•••••)
    The Dragon knows how to sate his hunger by any means, and very little can stop him from acomplishing her will. Her fangs are treated as a bane that causes lethal damage on ephemeral creatures and are capable of affecting them even when they are in Twilight. Finally, even supernatural powers have trouble when trying to shield against the Dragons fangs, generating a Clash of Wills, if the Dragon wins, the supernatural resistance to damage does not apply against his fangs.

    Scales of the Hunger

    Alpha Scent
    Prerequisite: Deep Voice
    Procedure: By mixing a musk pod freshly extracted with Vitae and other arcane reagents, the Dragon concocts a potion cabaple of luring the kine close to him. The potion needs to be consumed immediately after the preparation, or its components will spoil after a couple minutes.

    Result: The Dragon receives a bonus equal to his Blood Potency on Social Rolls against mortals. This scent is overpowering for other Kindred, animals and creatures that have accute senses of smell and the Dragon receives a penalty equal to his Blood Potency on Social Rolls when dealing with those creatures.
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