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[Homebrew 2e] Coil of the Olympus

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  • [Homebrew 2e] Coil of the Olympus

    This is yet another Coil imagined by me. I'm starting to think that I really like Ordo Dracul stuff.
    This was made in another post, but I felt it was too powerfull and scaled it down a little.
    1st version can be seem here.

    Coil of the Olympus

    Ambrosia (•)
    Vitae is life, but the vitae that flows within a deity is Ambrosia. The Defiant Vitae becomes dramatically more powerful and capable of ghouling subjects without much effort.The Dragon does not need to spend Willpower to create Ghouls anymore.

    Cornucopia (•)
    Cornucopia is the horn of plenty, and plenty is the feast that the Defiant reaps. Every two Vitae that the Dragon consumes from someone she has ghouled using Ambrosia count as three.

    Psyche's Journey (•••)
    Akin to the journey that Psyche undertakes, the blood of the Defiant subjects is now made of life and soul. When feeding from a ghoul made using Ambrosia, the Dragon can choose to sip Vitae or Willpower. This power interacts with Cornucopia, allowing the vampire to recover three Willpower points for every two she steals from the ghoul.

    Scions (••••)
    The Dragon's soul begins to spread outwards from it's body, and fragments take root in all the ghouls she creates. As a part of the dragon itself, the Dragon can use her ghouls as valid targets for her disciplines, as long as they are within Coil miles of their master. She still needs some form of communication to do it.

    Return from Hades (•••••)
    Having climbed all the steps on her journey to become a deity, the Defiant is now unbound from her body, the faith in her existence alone suffices. So long as they have worshippers, Gods can't die. If the Dragon experiences Final Death other than by Diablerie, she may reflexively spend a dot of Blood Potency to permanently transfer herself into a mortal she has ghouled. The Ghoul has to be within Blood Potency miles for this to work. Over the course of Blood Potency days the victim transforms physically and mentally into the Vampire; in a gruesome and painful process that incapacitates the ghoul, eventually the ghoul is no more, and the Vampire is restored, safe and healthy.

    Scales of the Olympus


    prerequisite: Ambrosia
    Procedure: The Dragon prepares an infusion using her blood and other arcane ingredients. He then exsanguinates a ghoul created using Ambrosia to the point of near death. Before the ghoul soul takes its course, the Dragon seeps the infusion to bring him back from the blink of oblivion.
    Outcome: The subject does not die, but having been that close to death's door, it develops many abilities of a true Kindred. They treat most sources of harm as contusive damage and the Dragon develops a once removed Blood Sympathy with them. As a side effect, they now suffer aggravated damage from fire. These ghouls need to be regularly fed, because if they ever lose their ghoul status, they die and come back instantly as a draugr.

    Zagreus Body
    prerequisite: Return from Hades
    Procedure: The Defiant ritualistically dismembers a victim during the new moon, inside a Dragon's Nest. The victim needs to have approximately the same weight and height as the Dragon. He then tears her own heart out and switches it with the victim's heart, this causes two points of unavoidable aggravated damage. After this, her heart starts to regroup the dismembered limbs together over the course of the next Blood Potency days.
    Outcome: The body morphs into a duplicate of the Defiant own and can be used as a valid target for Return from Hades, removing the limitations of distance and, as long as it has matured, the transformation period. As a side effect, if the Vampire is ever staked, it does not enter in torpor, but crumbles into dust, needing her to use Return from Hades or suffer the Final Death. It is only possible to have one instance of Zagreus Body active at any given moment.
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