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When someones in torpor What to do with their things?

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  • When someones in torpor What to do with their things?

    their ghouls except in the very briefestr of torpors Will need a new master to supply them with blood

    Their house and such what to do about them.

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    I'd say that if the Torpor was planned, and thus probably it's an Elder going into it, a trustee will have been put in place to preserve it :
    • If some ghouls have been there for a long time, one may be promoted to a childer to take over the holding, defering all rights and belonging to him, with the caveat that he'll have to give them back when his Sire will return to the world of the living - so to speak.
    • If the Vampire going into Torpor is of the Invictus, the First Estate probably has dozens of procedures to make sure that his holdings and properties won't be pilfered by envious neonates and the like... and as many ways for one to substantiate a real claim on them.
    • If the Vampire is part of a coterie he can trust - as much as Vampires can trust anyone - he'll probably transfer the rights over his stuff to his mates.
    Lacking any of those or if the Torpor wasn't planned... it'll quickly devolve into a free for all between power-hungry neonates, rivals, ghouls in need of a fix right now and the like.


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      if he has a coterie he ca n trust but the torpor wasnt planned e.g. if he fell in a battle ideas how those two things would mesh?