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    I'm creating this topic because in the passing years, I started to lost track of some of my homebrew creations on the forum. So, as a way to organize them, this space will prove much better than my current Signature on the forum.

    -- Clans & Bloodlines --

    My favorite bloodline from VtM, ported over to Requiem.

    My take on the Melissidae for second edition.

    The Abhartach
    This bloodline is one I idealized for a crossover game with changelings.

    -- Coils and Mysteries --

    Coil of the Blood
    Vitae should only be used to fuel powers. This Mystery attempts to solve the weakness of needing to be constantly feeding for waking up.

    Coil of the Hunger
    Based on the Big Bad Wolf. This coil resolves around becoming a better predator. This idea was inspired by the Mystery of the Devourer, made by DarTarel.

    Coil of the Primal Blood
    A deviation from the Mystery of the Voivode, this coil dangerously studies the properties of the blood in order to become a master of all.

    Coil of the Olympus
    Created in pursuit of divinity, the Coil of Olympus imbues the Vitae of the user with power to spread his taint over mortals and overcome Hades.

    Coil of the Folklore
    Created by a Mekhet obssessed with the fae, this Coil evolves the vampire into a twisted like creature of old stories. (At the end of the document)

    -- Merits and Cults --

    Ordo Dracul advancement as Mystery Cults
    What if the Ordo was not a full fledge Covenant? Here is my solution, make it a Mystery Cult instead.
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