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    Just a note: This is basically pointless - the idea is to work out "Physical" Disciplines for the different Power Attributes. We already have Vigor - this is for Presence. I would personally not use both this and Majesty in the same game; if you do, Bloom should be restricted to a non-Daeva bloodline (they already have Sexyfine, they don't need Bloom too). If you use this instead of Majesty, Daeva get Bloom as their unique Clan Discipline.

    There is something beautiful about danger; like moths to a flame, humans flock to a pretty, seductive vampire. Oh, they know better - but the Beast dangles the lure, and they dance to the call. Kindred who possess dots in this Discipline lose some of their natural corpse-pallor - a light blush spreads across their features, and they almost glow when they activate the Blush of Life.

    Cost: None or One Vitae
    Dice Pool: None
    Action: None (For persistent effects) or Reflexive (For active effects)
    Duration: Permanent (For persistent effects) or Instant (For active effects)

    Like other "physical" Disciplines, Bloom has two kinds of effects: persistent and active. Persistent effects are always on, and have no cost. Active effects are Reflexive, and cost one Vitae per effect.

    Persistent: Add the Vampire's dots in Bloom to their Presence; this may raise a character's Presence above the limit imposed by their Blood Potency.

    Active: By spending Vitae, the Kindred may bring the seductive aspect of their Beast to the fore, drawing in victims to their hungry maws. For every Vitae spent, chose one effect from the following list. A vampire may spend additional Vitae to invoke multiple effects simultaneously, but no effect of Bloom may be used more than once per turn.
    • Make a roll to open doors as if their Impression level was Perfect.
    • Reduce the penalty for Forcing Doors by their dots in Bloom.
    • When using the Blush of Life, they may add their dots in Bloom to their Humanity for the purposes of determining their penalty to social rolls with humans.
    • Add their dots in Bloom to any roll made to improve a first Impression.

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    I have decided, after some thought, that I don't really feel happy on these forums. I might decide to come back to post. Who knows - but right now, I'm gone.

    So good bye, good luck, and have a nice day.

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    I like it, a nice alternative to Majesty. Though the name made me hope for a flower-oriented Discipline.


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      Nice and simple. Are you thinking about doing stuff like this for any other Attributes?

      I am no longer participating in the community. Please do not contact me about my previous work.


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        The first effect seems to make the last effect obsolete, if they cost the same.


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          One is a temporary effect, the other assists makes it easier to build your impression level.

          I am no longer participating in the community. Please do not contact me about my previous work.