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    With the upcoming release of Blood and Smoke, and all the spoilers that surround it the Requiem forum has seen quite the influx of homebrew. Converted disciplines, new Coils, alternative banes, etc. It's quite refreshing, but so scattered that a lot of good content will get lost in the mess (especially with the forum changeover). You know what we need? A hub post.

    I harvested all the obvious material off the new forum, but I'm sure I missed something. So please submit your homebrew and I'll add it to the first post. Please try not to link to the old forum, it's going away and I don't want to police dead links. Instead move the content to this forum and credit the original creator (if it wasn't you).

    Clans & Bloodlines Disciplines & DevotionsBlood SorceryMysteries/Coils of the DragonMerits​Masquerade ConversionsSettings and CharactersOther Homebrew​Homebrew Marked with a * is a 2nd Edition Conversion of Requiem 1.0 Material.
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    Hacks and House Rules Hub Thread

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    Oh, I'd like to point out that I just helped and commented (and influenced changes by denying or accepting discipline changes) on Cattiveria, Dementation and Obtenebration, so I cannot take the credit for them.

    Dementation was done by Vytautas Stankus (he'd probably prefer his nickname used here, so if possible please switch it to "deflaw". So please change Cattiveria and Dementation.
    Obtenebration was made by Altern(name from old forums, might need a change once he creates an account on the new forums)

    My Bloodline conversions
    My House rules


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      Excellent resource! I'm excited to see what comes out of the community, particularly with the revitalizing shot that is Blood & Smoke.

      I am no longer participating in the community. Please do not contact me about my previous work.


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        Originally posted by Griautis View Post
        Oh, I'd like to point out that I just helped and commented (and influenced changes by denying or accepting discipline changes) on Cattiveria, Dementation and Obtenebration, so I cannot take the credit for them.

        Dementation was done by Vytautas Stankus (he'd probably prefer his nickname used here, so if possible please switch it to "deflaw". So please change Cattiveria and Dementation.
        Obtenebration was made by Altern(name from old forums, might need a change once he creates an account on the new forums)
        Changes notes and made.

        If I missed anything else, or any good homebrew needs to be brought over from the old forum please let me know. I can put it in this post and credit the original author.

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        Hacks and House Rules Hub Thread

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          Update (23/07/2015): Bloodlines are now included in the OP (below). Any changes to them will be here, and I'll try to make a PDF for them eventually. I also got rid

          For those of you who like your crossovers.

          Social justice vampire/freelancer | He/Him

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          Masquiem: Curses of Caine in Requiem 2nd
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            I vote for sticky.

            My Bloodline conversions
            My House rules


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              I'll second that! If we could continue growing this, it could be a great resource. I was very excited when I saw similar stuff on the old forums.

              I am no longer participating in the community. Please do not contact me about my previous work.


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                As we are nearing the forum cut off date, I am going to be scouring the old forums for useful homebrew and posting it in this thread. Anyone else who wants to do the same is welcome and encouraged to do so.

                (Though please keep it to one post per homebrew so I can link them effectively in post one. And credit the original author(s).)

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                Hacks and House Rules Hub Thread

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                  Original Thread: [Fan Stuffs] More Blood Sorcery
                  Original Author(s): LOOK

                  I was converting a bunch of existing Sorcery-esque disciplines over two the Blood Sorcery archetype (for future games, and a bit of fun) and figured "Hey, might as well share!". So here we are.

                  The notion I went along was based off the note in Blood Sorcery that, while other Sorceries existed none of them had the full range of Themes that Theban and Cruac possess. So each of the following Sorceries has only three themes, and one unified dice pool between them (because that's easier bookkeeping). However, these themes can generally accomplish a slightly different range of effects. What's more, due to the lesser overall power of these sorceries I tried to make certain that they were more permissive cost-wise.

                  Other than that they function exactly the same as Cruac and Theban Sorcery when it comes to purchasing them. (Same costs, same rules concerning the free Rituals with each new dot, etc.)

                  If these go over well I'll probably put up a few more. Oh, and probably best to post my existing house rules on Blood Sorcery:
                  All Sorcery: Casting time for improvised rituals increases dramatically. Using the following intervals:
                  1 Minute | -3 dice
                  10 Minutes | -1 dice
                  1 hour | +0 dice

                  (Learned Rituals using the existing casting times as written).

                  Cruac: Every repeat interval of casting beyond the first costs another point of Vitae. So a three dot ritual rolled 5 times costs 7 vitae.

                  Theban Sorcery: Every repeat interval beyond the first requires either another sacrament or another point of willpower. The sacraments required get larger and more elaborate the longer a ritual runs.

                  These solve pretty much every major problem I have with Blood Sorcery, and makes it more ritualistic in general (what with Cruac requiring lots of sacrifices to power the sorcerer, and Theban requiring huge expensive sacraments).
                  Blood Sympathy

                  In addition to the normal range modifiers a Vampire must have some level of sympathy to any target he wants to affect remotely, that or know exactly where they are (or blast the whole area I suppose). For locations simple knowledge will suffice, generally a good mental image of the location and layout. But for people, who tend to move about, a greater Sympathy is required.

                  Blood Sympathy imposes the following penalties on rolls to affect distant targets, based on how close to their blood the Vampire is.
                  Penalty | Sypathy
                  -6 | Recently bit the subject (within the last month)
                  -4 | Has blood ties to the target
                  -2 | Target is in stage 1 of Vinculum towards the caster
                  -0 | Target is in stage 2 of Vinculum towards the caster
                  +2 | Target is in full Vinculum towards the caster

                  With out some level of Blood Sympathy a Vampire cannot directly target someone out of their perceptions. The best they can manage is hitting the area they believe the target to be in.
                  __________________________________________________ ____________

                  The Gilded Cage

                  Restrictions: Rituals of the Gilded Cage only function in cities. What’s more the Vampire cannot use rituals of a higher dot rating than he has Status (the Merit) in the city. To this date no one has been able to adequately explain why this is, whether there is some collective unconscious of the city’s residents, a higher power, or perhaps the City itself has some will of its own.

                  Cost: All Rituals of the Gilded Cage cost the caster 1 point of willpower.

                  Dice Pool: Intelligence+Occult+Gilded Cage

                  •The Gate: The gate functions just like the Protecton Theme, save that it can only be used upon the city structures and populace. Unlike Protection the Gate can warp space and change area, in a manner similar to Transumation. As with divination, outsiders are harder to affect.

                  •The Tower: Very similar to the divination theme the tower allows the sorcerer to observe the city, its past, and its potential future. As well as that of its residents. However, newcomers, and those who are non-integral to the city’s workings cannot be studied directly (though they can be watched or discovered incidentally while looking at other aspects of the City).

                  •The Town: The town functions similarly to the transmutation theme, but only in regards to the mind. It is used to control and manipulate the populace of a city, though always distantly and rarely with totally direct force.


                  Restrictions: Catteveria has one major restriction: it functions only on those things dead and decaying. Ghosts, corpses, even the Kindred themselves, but not living mortals or sturdy structures.

                  Cost: In order to use Catteveria the Giovanni must fulfill two costs. Notably they must have a memento, something of significance to the dead thing they intent to impact. This Momento must remain on or near the Sorcerer’s person at all time for the spell to continue to function. If lost or discarded it, then later recovered, the spell will resume (assuming some duration remains). Second, they must invest the memento with a single point of Vitae at the moment of the spell’s casting.

                  Dice Pool: Manipulation+Occult+Catteveria

                  •Animation: The classic art of necromancy, animation allows the manipulation and control of corpses. This is mostly encompassed within the Transmutation theme.

                  •Decomposition: This is the destruction theme in almost every way. However, it can only destroy things through rot and degradation.

                  •Seance: This is the divination theme in regards to all things dead. It can see the causes of death, the time of death, even view the event. It can also be used to summon, speak with, and (similar to Transmutation) compel ghosts.

                  Merges Sorcery

                  Restrictions: Merges Sorcery can only be administered to others in one way, via bite. Even personal application of the spells requires the sorcerer to bite themselves, though this doesn’t actually have to deal any meaningful damage. As a result of this cost the Sorcerer cannot use spells at a range, ever. [though Venom does allow them to “cheat a bit]

                  Cost: 1 Vitae is the only cost, the restriction of having to bite their target is harsh enough.

                  Dice Pool: Resolve+Medicine+Merges Sorcery

                  •Venom: The theme of Venom is one part Creation, one part destruction. It allows the creation and secretion of dangerous poisons. These poisons generally replicate harmful destruction spells. While this venom must come from the Vampire’s fangs it can be ‘milked’ as one would a snake, and spells with sufficient duration can then be stored to coat weapons or administered to food. [In this case the ‘Targets’ factor becomes ‘doses’]

                  •Anti-Venom: The polar opposite of the Venom theme. Anti-venom functions identically but can confer beneficial healing effects or augment physical abilities (as Transmutation could).

                  •Vice: Vice deals in the realm of rage and emotion. It functions similar to the effects of Transmutation, but exclusively restricted to controlling emotions, vices, and the beast. Combined with Venom or anti-venom it these emotions can be distilled into a liquid form and applied.

                  Ahranite Sorcery

                  Cost: 1 Willpower

                  Restrictions: As written in the book. They must have a cauldron, and they must fill that cauldron with human blood. They do not need additional members chanting over it, but they do add a teamwork bonus if present. All Ahranite spells involve submerging people or objects in the caultron to achieve their effect.

                  Dice Pool: Presence+Occult+Ahranite Sorcery

                  •Infusion: A combination of Transmutation, Destruction, and Protection, but it only works on inanimate objects.

                  •Metamorphisis: The Theme of Transmutation in almost every way, save that it only works on living subjects and only those submerged in the cauldron. It can also accomplish effects similar to Destruction and Protection when combined with Infusion.

                  •Revelation: Again almost exactly the theme of Divination, save that "revelations" can also warp the mind and alter-memory.
                  Ahranite Sorcyer is a little unique in that its Themes are actually broader than those of Cruac or Theban, but the costs are must more restrictive. It cannot perform ranged magic, nor is it particularly effective at performing quick rituals. Most importantly it cannot perform acts of creation, Shaddad's art is utterly incapable of adding to God's creation. Alteration and subtraction only.

                  Hekan Seshaw

                  Cost: 1 willpower

                  Requirements: However Hekan Seshaw has a notable flaw, as magic of chaos it is notably difficult to control. The caster decides the effect, but only one of the factors. The Storyteller decides the distribution of the other successes amongst other factors as he desires (dice roll being the most "chaotic" option).

                  Dice Pool: Intelligence+Expression+Hekan Seshaw

                  •Chaos: The chaos theme is unique. In one way it is like transmuation, though capable only of affecting probabilities. However, it also has another effect. Chaos can directly affect other Blood Sorcery. Notably it can afflict the chaotic restriction of Hekan Seshaw on other casters (assuming the Hekan Seshaw ritual has equivalent or greater dots than the spell disrupted), and even on active Sorcery (equivalent dots+1).

                  •Darkness: The Darkness Theme bit deceptive. What it really concerns itself with is Light. Notably manipulating sunlight, protecting against sunlight, and embuing sun light properties into objects. In this sense it is simultaniously Creation, Destruction, Protection, and Transmutation.

                  •Storm: The storm replicates many elements of the Creation Theme. Notably those concerning themselves with wealther manipulation and plagues.
                  As per AngryCucaracha's request, a quick take on Chaos magic for the Cult of Set. It's fair to assume the restriction on their magic doesn't apply when they are using it to screw with other casters spells.
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                  Hacks and House Rules Hub Thread

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                    Original Thread: [Bloodline] True Pals - "You Ride Shotgun"
                    Original Author: Omicron

                    Originally posted by Omicron
                    True Pals
                    Paladins of the Pick-Up Truck

                    “Rain on the scarecrow, blood on the plow… You know how the song goes. This lands feeds us. It’s our legacy. You get out of here.”

                    Vampires like the city, but they are not confined to it. There are rural lords who take after Victorian novels and make small towns their food supply, and farmers whose apparently desolate acres are in truth vast hunting grounds. But the low density of the food supply in these regions means fewer vampires around to help you when you are in need - no coterie, no covenant. When angry lupines want to push you out of their turf, when the local folks decide to burn down your farmstead, when the Cruel and Wicked Ones send a hunting party on your lands - the True Pals are the only friends you got.

                    They see themselves as modern knights, ensuring the safety of all Kindred in the wild lands beyond the urban sprawl. But they have abandonned all the traditional signs of this status - their swords traded for rifles, their horses for trucks. Outsiders often deride them as rednecks and nomadic bullies, or fear them as vampires hunting their own - who can tell whom they will turn against next? The way they choose whom to protect and whom to destroy seems arbitrary - the Invictus, the Sanctified and the Ventrue, they always defend. Those who lived on the lands before dying on it, too. The rest? The outsiders, the wanderers? Depends on their mood.

                    Bloodline Disciplines: Animalism, Celerity, Dominate, Resilience.

                    Nicknames: Pals, Knights, Rednecks

                    Weakness: The bonds that connect members of a chapter are tight indeed, and they extend to the bloodline as a whole: in addition to the normal Ventrue weakness, all Pals have a second-stage vinculum towards any other member of the bloodline.

                    History and Culture: The traditional picture of the knight - the man in full plate armor, wielding a sword of steel and riding a war horse - only existed for a brief period of time in history. But the idea of the knight, the aristocratic champion - high-born, well-fed, well-armed, fighting in the front lines and enforcing order on behalf of his ruler - has existed since the charioteers of Archaic Greece, if not further still. We see few of them today.

                    But the dead are slow to abandon their traditions.

                    The history of the True Pals comes back to the days of conquest of the Western territories of North America. They have their roots in the tradition of the Auctor - Ventrue who dedicate their Requiems to hunting down those who threaten the clan - as well as those among the clan who take too bloody a path. While the hostility and wilderness of the West are often exaggerated as far as mortals are concerned, vampires had it much worse. Draugr and revenants ravaging the countryside, pagan blood sorcerers defending their own domain, and stranger things haunting countryside, pagan blood sorcerers defending their own domain, and stranger things haunting the untamed wild - the Cruel and Wicked Ones, they called them - were all threats to any party of vampires seeking to establish new domains. An Auctor alone had little chance to survive, and so coteries of like-minded Ventrue gathered to protect their own. In these lands were distances stretched seemingly to infinity, the semi-nomadic Auctors became fully nomadic, and prized the gifts of Animalism greatly as a source of sustenance and greater ease of travel. These were the first “chapters” of those who would become Knights.

                    This tradition of coteries of Ventrues wandering the countryside to protect fragile vampiric dominions from outside threats never really ceased, but it did evolve. In times, the horses proved more trouble than they were worth, and yet for a clan without knowledge of Protean fast travel was a necessity to avoid sleeping in the sun. They started establishing “safehouses” across patrolled territory, and used motorized vehicles to travel safely and quickly. Passing down advice and teaching new initiates, almost all belonging to the Ventrue, the faction became a true bloodline. No one can really say when they picked up their modern name. The most common theory is that some started derisively calling them “pick-up truck paladins,” due to their habit of modelling themselves along the tales of medieval knights while driving trucks and carrying shotguns. The name stuck, and was abreviated - “Truck Paladins,” “Truck Pals,” until the deformation became the “true pals.” Because friendship is a rare commodity among the dead, and those who can afford it like to advertise it. The True Pals are your friend as long as you don’t cause trouble - but they really are each other’s friend first and foremost.

                    Some don’t think the bloodline has a place in this modern world. After all, the Auctors themselves are almost all gone. They don’t see it as a contradiction; the Pals think of themselves as the natural evolution of the Auctoritas in a modern world. Knowing that they are not well known in the cities of the damned, they accept that kind of disbelief or criticism once from any outsider, deflecting it politely. Any insistance is seen as a slight against their honor, and met with retribution. Yet the Pals are not the knights of old who challenge those who insult them to single combat; they prefer to gather their chapter and take out the baseball bats to break a few bones - never kill; that would make them the very threat against which they are supposed to fight.

                    The nights grow darker. Winged shadows haunt the skies. Farms are abandonned, fields go wild with weeds as no one is left to work the land. Draugr epidemics break out and erase small towns off the map. Strangers with stitches across their face burn the land with cold, unseen fire. There are not many left willing to do the job of a knight. Those who remain fight harder, and often lose. In this struggle their bonds grow tighter. It is their Requiem.

                    Parent Clan: Ventrue, as the bloodline is descended from the tradition of the Auctoritas. Sometimes a chapter includes a member from another clan who’s proved himself, but they cannot join the bloodline.

                    Reputation: The Invictus looks at the bloodline with caution - they are useful, but the personal bonds of a chapter of Pals has more weight than their loyalty to a lord, which makes them dangerous. They are often at odds with the Circle of the Crone, though they have no specific policy mandating hostility; it is simply that Acolytes often bear a striking proximity to the monsters they hunt. As a rule, urban vampires do not know or care much about the bloodline.

                    Organization: There are three main branches of the Knights. The orthodox branch belongs to the Invictus, and makes a formal show of pleading alligeance to a lord - and receive personal domains out of it. This distance has led some to split from the Covenant and take no order other than their own gut feelings on where to go and who to protect. Lastly, there is a tendency for some isolated chapters to blend in the ideals of the Invictus and the Lancea Sanctum and to consider themselves affiliated to both or neither - though in practice, they usually resemble Invicti with a strong religious bend.

                    Aside from fealty to an Invictus lord, there is no formal organization of the bloodline beyond the individual chapter, which usually number from two to six individuals. Each is usually centered around a common haven, large enough to accomodate everyone; but the bloodline is spread so thin that the territory each chapter covers is beyond what they can safely go to and back from within a night, and so several additional safehouses are usually arranged.

                    Concepts: Disowned farmer, protective landlord, bitter city exile, countryside doctor, gun nut looking for an excuse.


                    Sun-Beaten Neck
                    (Resilience ●●●, Celerity ●)
                    Cost: One Vitae
                    Dice Pool: None
                    Action: Reflexive
                    Sometimes, your engine gets shot, your house is burned down, you lost your way in the woods - sometimes you have no safe haven and the sun is rising, and you cannot take a nap in the dirt the way others do. So you pump your veins with Vitae and you soldier on, with the sun burning the skin off your back.
                    This Devotion allows a True Pal to withstand the first rays of the sun while looking for a safe place to sleep. By spending one Vitae upon activation, the user can suffer Resilience x 5 minutes of exposure to sunlight as if they were a single interval, with damage as determined by their Humanity.
                    This power only works on the kinder rays of dawn, and can only be applied once per day.

                    Feeding the Engine
                    (Animalism ●●●, Blood Potency ●●)
                    Cost: One Vitae, one Willpower
                    Dice Pool: None
                    Action: Instant
                    Cars might be more powerful and reliable than animals, but animals can be fed Vitae and made supernaturally efficient and compliant; there is no such thing as a ghouled car. Yet, some Knights have developed strange applications of their blood, expanding them to their vehicle. By pouring one point of Vitae in the tank of a car, the owner makes the engine burn hotter and answer his vampiric will to a slight extent. The vehicle gains +2 Acceleration, +2 Handling, and its safe and maximum speed increase by 20. This effect lasts one night.

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                      Original Thread: Mystery of the Hunger
                      Original Author: Starjammer

                      Originally posted by Starjammer
                      Since the Coil of Blood was taken out of B&S I thought it might be fun to spitball a replacement. In its place I thought to try the Mystery of the Hunger. I started this in a new thread because I didn't want to jack the other one.

                      As a beginning, my first take on the Coil of Hunger. Not sure if I've got things calibrated right or if things should be switched around or tweaked.

                      Coil of Hunger

                      Denial of Want ●

                      The first step to mastering the Mystery of the Hunger is learning to control it in oneself. By spending a point of Willpower and making a successful Resolve + Composure roll, the Dragon can resolve the Wanton condition. Also, if the Dragon ever fails the roll to resist hunger-based Frenzy, spending a Willpower point allows her to re-roll Resolve + Composure.

                      Mortal Banquet ●●

                      When the Dragon spends vitae to allow her to eat or drink the effect lasts for a full night. In addition, she no longer has to vomit up the meal afterwards. Instead, her vitae acts to break down the meal and adds it to her own substance, effectively digesting it. Digesting a meal in this fashion will heal one level of bashing or lethal damage, whichever is right-most on the Health track. The meal must be something nominally edible, though the vampire is immune to any mundane form of food poisoning. The vampire may only consume one such meal per three hours.

                      If the Dragon makes a habit of consuming meals in this fashion at least once per night, she may use this ritual as a Touchstone. Leaving off this ritual for a month or longer while active destroys the Touchstone. Many Dragons find this practice regressive and controversial, seeing it as an attempt to cling to mortality. Others feel that control over one's diet means control over one's nature.

                      Minimize Subsistance ●●●

                      As the Dragon masters his Hunger, he learns to taper off his reliance on vitae. For each vitae spent, the Dragon may rise a number of nights equal to his rating in the Coil of Hunger.

                      Potency of Vitae ●●●●

                      At this level the Dragon has learned to regulate the concentration of the vitae itself. Treat the Dragon’s Blood Potency as two lower when determining the kind of vitae he must subsist on (animal, human or supernatural). Treat the Dragon’s Blood Potency as two higher for determining the size of his Blood Pool. This does not affect the number of vitae the character may expend in one turn.

                      The Ascetic’s Diet ●●●●●

                      At the pinnacle of the Mystery of the Hunger, the Dragon can survive on even the thinnest of blood and resist the lure of even the richest. Regardless of her Blood Potency the Dragon can subsist on any kind of blood, be it animal, human or supernatural. Furthermore, the Dragon need only imbibe half the quantity of animal blood to constitute one vitae. If the Dragon does imbibe kindred vitae, she is at +5 to resist Vitae Addiction; this bonus also applies to resist the effects of drinking the blood of any other supernatural being.
                      Alternative Coil from the same Thread (by LOOK):

                      Coil of the Ascetic

                      Dot 1: The Vampire can consume mortal food without need for the blush of life. Consuming enough food provides a bonus to the next Hunger Frenzy roll.

                      Dot 2: By consuming mortal food the vampire can resolve the Wanton Condition. The Dragon can use mortal eating habits as a touchstone

                      Dot 3: The Dragon can 'binge' himself over the normal Vitae limits by up to [Coil Dots] Vitae. So long as he is above his normal maximum he needs only spend 1 Vitae to wake every [Coil Dots] days.

                      Dot 4: The Dragon may continue to take sustenance from Animals and Humans, however he has to deal [BP-2] damage for each Vitae from an animal, or [BP-5] for every point from a human (minimum 1 damage in either case)

                      Dot 5: The Dragon can eat recently dead flesh (within the last 24 hours) and gain Vitae, the Vitae gained is equal to the Size of the creature. This follows the same restrictions as normal feeding, i.e. if the Vampire is BP 4 a Size 4 animal only gives 2 Vitae.

                      This maintains most of the same qualities of the Coil of Blood, but adds a binge-eating/cannibalistic quality that maintains the monstrous themes of Requiem.

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                        Cost: None or 1 Vitae per active effect
                        Dice Pool: None
                        Action: None (for persistent effects) or Reflexive (for active effects)
                        Duration: Permanent (for persistent effects) or One Turn (for active effects)

                        Like other physical Disciplines, Praestentia has two kinds of effects: persistent and active. Persistent effects are always on, and have no cost. Active effects are Reflexive and cost one Vitae per effect.

                        Persistent: Add the vampire’s dots in Praestentia to all Dexterity based skill rolls. Additionally reduce all mundane penalties, save for Defense, to the character's Dexterity based actions by her Praestentia dots. This can remove penalties completely, but will not confer additional dice.

                        Active: By spending Vitae Praestentia permits moments of incredible insight and stunning grace. For each point of Vitae spent choose one effect from the following list. A vampire may spend additional Vitae to invoke multiple effects simultaneously, but no effect of Praestentia may be used more than once per turn.

                        • Defend against a single attack as though she had taken a Dodge Action on her last turn.

                        • Undo a single mundane physical action, allowing her to re-roll it or take an entirely different action instead. This manifests as a brief moment of precognition in which the vampire 'sees' the result of her action. For instance, she might see that an opposing Mekhet is going to use Celerity to dodge, and activate Praestentia to adjust for his new location. Alternatively she might make a dash around a corner, only to discover that there is a line of gunmen waiting to mow her down, and activate Praestentia to instead run the other way. In play only the final action occurs, the retconned action having taken place entirely in the vampire's head.

                        Both of these functions are exhausting, each may be used no more times in a scene than the user has dots in Praestenia.

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                          Original Thread: Vampire Fighting Style!
                          Original Author: Jesuncolo

                          Originally posted by Jesuncolo
                          Inspiration from Hellsing: the vampire isn't human, so it doesn't need to limit itself and fight like a human.

                          Beastly Vampire Style
                          Prerequisite: Resolve 2 Stamina 3, Brawl 2, Resilience or Vigor 1, Humanity 4 or lower.
                          A vampire can only learn or improve this fighting style at Humanity 4. Benefiting this style at higher Humanity would cause the vampire a breaking point.
                          • Cruel Stance Being inhuman, the taboo of breaking arms, legs and jaws do not apply anymore. Exposing himself to more punishment, the vampire removes 2 points of penality at called shots, but lowers his Defense by 1.
                          •• Monstruos Retribution Exploiting the fury of her beast, the vampire can use damage to become more powerful. After recieving at least 3 bashing or 2 lethal, the vampire gains a +1 to all attacks against the target for the next turn.
                          ••• Atrocious Gratification Once per scene, when the vampire makes a coup de grace, he regains a Willpower point.
                          •••• Cruel Strike Unarmed damage becomes lethal.

                          EDIT: Modified the third level to work only once per scene.

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                            Original Thread: GMC Armor of Scars
                            Original Authors: Mendrian & LOOK

                            Originally posted by Mendrian

                            The closest equivalent we have is Iron Skin (** or ****). Iron Skin has a negligible Stamina requirement; but it does require 2 dots in other Fighting Styles. So it's roughly equivalent to a 4 or 6 dot Merit. Iron Skin (**) grants 1 point of Armor (bashing only) and (****) grants 2 points. Both have the option to downgrade Lethal to Bashing (1 or 2 points, respectively) for the cost of 1 WP.

                            There's a lot there to digest. If you dropped the benefit of the WP but also removed the restriction on Bashing damage, you'd have 1 point of Armor at ** and 2 points at ****. But that seems too broad; does it refer to Firearms or Melee? You don't want to do both; that seems too complicated.

                            What I would do is the following:

                            Armor of Scars (*** or *****)

                            Requirement: Cannot possess the Striking Looks Merit at any level

                            Effect: The character permanently gains 2/0 or 3/1 Armor. This does not stack with mundane Armor, though if a character wears Armor with this Merit, grant the higher Armor rating for Melee/Firearms categories as appropriate. It stacks normally with supernatural armors.

                            Drawback: This character reduces Impressions by one step with any character when making any relevant social roll other than Intimidation. At the storyteller's discretion, this penalty might eventually relax over time or for characters who are particularly inured against the horrific visage (such as characters with the Tolerance for Biology Merit). It does not apply if the target of the social action cannot see the character.
                            Originally posted by LOOK
                            Armor of Scars (••• to •••••)
                            Prerequisites: Resilience •, ••, or •••

                            Effect: Your character's flesh has begun to calcify, granting her a thick defensive layer of natural armor. She gains [Merit Dots-2]/0 armor, which carries no speed or defense penalties and stacks with other sources of armor. A character cannot have more dots of this merit than her has [Resilience+2] (hence the prerequisite).

                            Drawback: The process of calcification leaves your character terribly deformed, inflicting a [Merit Dots-2] penalty on all mundane, non-intimidation based Presence and Manipulation rolls where the target can see the Kindred's deformity. With one dot the calcification can generally be hidden under long clothing, two would require a heavy jacket and face mask. With three dots the vampire's physique is twisted to the point that almost nothing can hide the wrongness. Over time, as characters become accustomed to her visage, these penalties may begin to relax. But only on a case by case basis.

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                              Not sure if this is the place for truly Home Brewed stuff, but here goes. I have a Bloodline I made a while ago who practiced Blood Tenebrous and wanted to revamp them as a sort of up and coming but considered Lost Clan. Anyway I was working on a Clan Ban and was wondering if this was enough of a penalty or does it need more?

                              The Ephemeral Curse – The dual-world weighs heavily on the Alukah forcing them further from their ties to the material world. As an Alukah’s Humanity falls, their perception of the mundane world fails as well. The Social penalty for low Humanity in addition factors into all Perception and Surprise rolls to perceive non supernatural activity and threats, also treating failures as dramatic failures. This disconnect is described as if the Alukah were seeing the material world through the filter of Twilight. Only creatures and events of supernatural significance seem to resonate with the Alukah, causing them to gain the Jaded Condition whenever they get a dramatic failure on any Mental Skill that does not deal with the supernatural.

                              "Things need not have happened to be true. Tales and dreams are the shadow truths that will endure when mere facts are dust and ashes, and forgot." Sandman (Neil Gaiman)