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Re-Colonization, or, my idea for 2e Were-cats

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  • Re-Colonization, or, my idea for 2e Were-cats

    (Tessie, don't worry, you are allowed to read this, it won't ruin anything if you know. )
    So! The Colony, the hard-to kill, vigilante were-cats from War against the Pure.
    Interesting critters.
    So I have started a new Werewolf chronicle, and I wanted to bring in more of the weird shape shifters of the world, and since I'm a cat-person, the Colony was a natural first step.

    There are however a few problems. Their main focus in WatP is the hunting down and killing of low-Morality (and equivalent) people. That wouldn't work in 2e, since they would just be hunting down people who can't cope with what happens to them. Those are people who need therapists, not furies. So I've been thinking on how to change them.
    This is just on the theoretical level as of yet. I haven't started setting down rules, I wanted to see people's opinions on the basic idea, and catch any other ideas that might come in handy.

    Their obsession with punishing lawbreakers is a fundamental idea, and I wouldn't want to remove a core part of it all. So my idea was that they make themselves part of existing societies, and enforce their rules. And it's important to note that it's the rules that people actually live by, rather than the laws that are written down.
    Basically, I would turn the neurotic vigilantes into supernaturally forced secret police.

    So... What do you think?

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    I think groups tend to be better off if you give them their own decisions regarding what makes a lawbreaker. Vampires have the three traditions, for instance, which are generally embraced by all vampire-kind.


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      I think Seidmadr is referring to groups as people-groups, or cultures, instead of supernatural groups. The Colony is not the kind of thing to be going after supernaturals much, it seems to me.

      Ok, let me contribute a few thoughts to this continually-simmering 2e werecats/Fera matter.

      First: I like cats. I like cats probably too much. So does my table. My intent is to eventually homebrew Changing Breeds back into a semblance of usability, starting with werecats.

      So what? My take is that we've only heard the mythology of the werewolves, which given the long memories of spirits and their hostility to the Forsaken we can take as reasonably accurate--from their point of view. Other changing breeds will have different points of view, and the best way to homebrew a reasonably coherent addition to the werewolf world is to start from myth and work up to mechanics.

      Mine would start from the cats, and King Lion. The Cat Must Know.

      So what is the Colony? It's a cat-host that resulted from Father Wolf or his Firstborn attempting to murder Brother Cat shortly before the fall of Pangaea. Brother Cat got in the way while trying to understand Father Wolf's sickness--or at least that's the viewpoint of the cat-tribes.

      The other cat breeds are/were members of King Lion's court--possibly his children, maybe not--and are just as absent in the current world as Lion is.

      So, the Colony continues to act out the fundamental drive of the cat-tribes: to observe, investigate and understand--to know. And it gathers to share knowledge and understanding between its parts. Sometimes in that sharing there comes an understanding that action is needed. Then the Colony acts. And you end up with The Cats of Ulthar and similar inspiration stories. So it's not that the Colony really cares that much about civilization's rules, it just decides that someone is in the way of knowing, and removes them; there is, after all, a certain affection for Man.

      So why doesn't the host reform? Maybe because it doesn't/didn't care to? Being a vastly distributed horde of cats can be an advantage, after all, and the Colony can make/add more members by infecting humans (cat-blooded?)... or perhaps knowing them in more intimate ways.

      This help?