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    Originally posted by Story Letter View Post
    dood actually the higher your Resolve + Composure is, the easier is to succeed on breaking point rolls.
    Yes. Your Harmony doesn't change on a successful roll.

    only that it poses no penalty on the Resolve + Composure roll in order to have good fail chance.
    Again: Frequency of rolls does more for you than dice penalties will.

    dood you need to do bad things because only then you gain penalties in order to raise harmony closer to 5,
    I've had players roll more successes than their dicepool and I've had players fail on double-digit pools.

    and that sounds kind off, you know to kill werewolves and destroy loci in order to come .... closer to balance come oooonnn can't you see the obvious ?
    "The obvious" here being that a Dog is a different sort of werewolf than a Fade and werewolves who aren't in a time crunch will generally manage to rebalance by avoiding breaking points toward the nearer end of their scale and load up on breaking points toward the middle regardless of the penalties involved.

    "Defiling a locus" isn't "destroying a locus" — it doesn't go into greater detail, but considering it's an unpenalized breaking point relating to a class of sacred space it's probably a fair bet that bringing competing Resonance into a locus in plain disregard for the Shadow is how that dip towards the Flesh is intended.

    You are completely mistaken on this.
    It is my sincere hope that I do not have to explain why "a Trait that changes by failing rolls is the most mobile when the dicepool to check whether or not it changes is very small and the mitigating bonuses are not present" is the furthest thing from mistaken.

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      Originally posted by Satchel View Post
      I've had players roll more successes than their dicepool and I've had players fail on double-digit pools.
      That is always so embarrassing.

      Story Letter

      Basically the game presumes you'll be hitting these Breaking Points a lot, so you will be rolling a lot. This means that someone with a small dicepool is going to be flipping all over the place. While someone with a high one might be stuck in a Harmony they don't want to be in for longer periods of time. The cure for both of them (providing their goal is 5 Harmony) is more action which, in turn, means more Breaking Points. These are going to be split between things you have to do, for the story, pack, to repay debts with spirit gods and so forth, and things you want to do, to achieve a balance or enjoy some 'normalcy.'

      Throw these characters into a larger story and add the other dynamics of storytelling and you have more of a tense and unstable situation
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        Originally posted by Malus View Post

        Mainly because you're trying to disregard the spiritual quid pro quo.
        I mean i could see it because on one hand number of doors are very high for spirits and it would make sense for the breaking point to happen when forcing doors against spirits. But against humans it seems odd. Considering that a lot of things that you can do to humans wouldnt fly (harmony wise) against spirits and vice versa, its odd the fact of forcing a door would universally applicable to both.

        Originally posted by Story Letter View Post
        Well because of using primal violence, tapping at your inermost violent beast nature to harm a being of flesh, it would have been a breaking point towards spirit if you used hard leverage on a spirit social roll.

        IMHO this breaking point should have been used only in case of torturing.
        Is that your personal interpretation on "if using a hard leverage against spirits, that is a breaking point toward spirit" or i miss a rule?

        As for the primal violence, it really depends. Forcing door covers a lot of other social situations beyond violence. From ultimatums to social threats.


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          Originally posted by LokiRavenSpeak View Post

          Is that your personal interpretation on "if using a hard leverage against spirits, that is a breaking point toward spirit" or i miss a rule?
          Well the same principal works in the social system with spirits, first impression, doors etc etc


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            Another in-setting reason might be that the human souls are needed to fuel the change.
            And to make sure werewolves don't waste their time (so to speak), some precautions were implanted to make sure they stayed re-productive.


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              It is important to understand that not every action that causes a Breaking Point is necessarily "wrong" by either human or werewolf standards. There's nothing inherently immoral about staying out of the Hisil for a week, for example.

              It's also important to understand that werewolf, like most WoD games, deliberately makes you choose between your sense of self and what's socially acceptable. Just as a vampire has to face situations where she must either uphold her Humanity but appears weak and unreliable to her fellows or reap social credit and other temporal rewards but fall deeper into monstrosity, a werewolf has to face situations where she must either violate the Oath to uphold human ideals but earn the ire of others or uphold the ideals of her tribe but risk slipping ever further into the Spirit.

              e: it's not a coincidence that breaking towards Flesh requires you to at least remove yourself from werewolf culture for a while