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And A Trophy Made From My Enemies

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  • And A Trophy Made From My Enemies

    So here we are, at last! Twelve days in reverse, counting down to the number one - a trophy made from my enemies. So I figure I'll make this a big finish, and open the voting to pick one of the following major antagonists - and a trophy that might be taken from their defeat. Each of these will have unique or unusual capabilities, not just a 'by the book' rendition of their kind.

    Vote for:
    a) A scarred Pure warlord, possessed of deadly cunning and artifice; or
    ​b) A rising Shadow noble, ravenous for Essence and intent on sweeping the Forsaken aside; or
    c) A Host demigod, a potent fusion of Shards several steps on the path towards progenitor rebirth; or
    d) A Hive-Claimed monarch of Flesh and Shadow combined; or
    ​e) A wily human mastermind exploiting even the slightest edge they can grasp against the Forsaken; or
    ​f) An idigam.

    ​So get to voting!

    ​Now for a personal side-note - feel free to utterly ignore this if you want to avoid potentially cringe-inducing self-advertisement:
    ​Writing this series has been very enjoyable, and I'm proud that it's provided a lot of people with a good read and some meaty chunks to actually use in their games too. This is, of course, all material I've put together off my own back, usual disclaimer re non-officialness, etc etc. It's also material I've put together entirely for free, on my own time. As one of your classic starving writer types, I am fuelled primarily by tea, and I can assure you I have drunk a great many cups during the creation of these threads!

    ​Feel like topping up my tea supplies so that I am well-fuelled for future endeavours? Liked my past work and want to throw a tip my way? Feeling pity for a hapless creative sort? Yes, it's time to shill my new Patreon account, like all the other penniless artists unsure as to where the next caffeinated beverage is coming from. Check it out at for some vaguely-defined rewards and a sense of wellbeing.

    (Extra special double-strength disclaimer: I am not trying to get pledges in return for doing more threads like this in future or any exchange of that like, as that just depends on me having the time, energy and inclination; this is in no way associated with or endorsed by Onyx Path and this is not an attempt to get paid for creating ChroD-related material off the official publishing route, especially as I am very thankful to OP for their general ongoing hiring of me for projects and have no desire to threaten my existing relationship with them; the goals on the Patreon are not related to any OP properties, systems or material; and please don't feel like I am trying to pressure or guilt-trip you into throwing some virtual coinage my way.

    ​It's just fairly common for people to express to me that they'd like a way to show support or appreciation, or would buy me a beer were we ever to actually meet, so I figure Patreon actually offers a route to *do* that, that could also help me with creating more stuff in future. Consider this a test-run to see if it actually works ).

    - Chris Allen, Aberrant Line Developer, Freelance Writer

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    Mate, that Patreon link gives me a 404 not found message.

    Edit: Never Mind, it’s suddenly working.

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      I vote C for come on hosts are awesome and we haven't had any yet!


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        Originally posted by Bunyip View Post
        Mate, that Patreon link gives me a 404 not found message.

        Edit: Never Mind, it’s suddenly working.
        Yeah, something odd with copying and pasting a link from one browser to another. Internet magic!

        - Chris Allen, Aberrant Line Developer, Freelance Writer

        ​Like my work? Feel like helping me stay supplied with tea? Check out my Patreon


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          why oh why the last vote is so hard? There are so many good options- but I'll have to choose C, as I really wish to see how the next step in the divine evolution of the Hosts may look like.

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            Tough choice. I'ma gonna have to go E as a first choice, with F as a second and D as a third. Not that such things matter, but still.

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              Going to go with C as i like the host.

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                Ugh, this is hard.

                E? Simply because after all the abuse heaped upon mere mortals in the other days, I wonder what your view on a human threat to the Forsaken would look like.

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                  Ugh. This is tough. I'm going with C.

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                    C, I'm gonna vote C.


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                      I really like A, but they all sound awesome.


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                        D this time!


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                          E! Did Forsaken even have Mortal villains worth the candle? This is a chance to fix that!



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                            Gotta be loyal to the Host. C please

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                              B) I always have trouble conceptualizing Spirits with goals bigger than "provide me lots of Essence".

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