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  • Birthday Present - Days of Change

    It's my birthday today, so here's a bonus present for the forums! Nothing too extensively thought-out or planned, just rattling an idea out onto the keyboard Enjoy!

    Days of Change
    Few werewolves desire to actively remember the night of their First Change. Such memories are hallucinatory nightmares for far too many - a suffocating recollection of unbidden change, torn flesh, uncontrolled rage, and gut-wrenching consequences; of insanity, psychological metamorphosis, and the shedding of the ruined husk that was their old mind. Yet just because a werewolf wants to forget that first, intoxicating immersion in the Moon's mad embrace does not mean that the Moon forgets the werewolf. A spark of Lunar power kindles in the roots of the Auspice as the year's vast cycle of power turns to that point that marks the date of the Uratha's Change. Many might shy away from it, but there are those who have learned to embrace it.

    ​Second Change (Wolf Rite ●●)
    When the eternal, grinding march of the world and the Moon align, an echo of the First Change resonates within the werewolf. This rite draws that echo out, letting its power briefly bloom once more.
    Symbols:​ The moon, love, change, revelation
    Cost:​ 1 Essence
    ​Action:​ Extended (10 successes; each roll represents one minute)
    Success:​ This rite targets a single Uratha, and can only be enacted on the yearly date that matches the date they underwent the First Change. For a period of 24 hours, the Uratha's Auspice blazes bright and uncontrolledly. Their Auspice Renown is treated as if it were one dot higher than normal for the purposes of using Facets, they gain an additional use of their Auspice ability, they gain three Inspired Conditions (once each for their Auspice skills), and they gain the Madness Condition. They also suffer a -2 penalty on all breaking point rolls towards Spirit. After 24 hours, all effects and Conditions from this rite cease.

    Echo of Desecration (Wolf Rite ●)
    The Pure scourge themselves of the Auspice's touch, but its lingering scars still echo with its loss. Once per year, under the moon of their First Change, that fragile memory gleams strong enough to trace.
    Symbols:​ Pain, loss, the hunt, the moon
    Action:​ Extended (20 successes; each roll represents one minute)
    Success:​ This rite targets a single Pure werewolf, and can only be performed by a ritemaster possessing an Auspice. The ritemaster must know the name of the prey, and the rite can only be performed on the night of the yearly date that matches the date the prey underwent their First Change. Upon the culmination of the ritual, the ritemaster's Auspice is filled with an overwhelming intensity that urges them towards the prey, giving them a sense of the direction of the prey and how close they are; once within one mile, the urge is also felt by the Pure prey, who senses a prickling, burning sensation within their soul as their own Auspice's remaining roots resonate with the hunter's presence.
    Upon encountering the prey, the ritemaster's Auspice ignites into a gauzy halo of moonlight, casting out opalescent illumination. The first time the prey witnesses this, they face an immediate breaking point towards Flesh with a penalty equal to the ritemaster's Auspice Renown; failure on this roll also inflicts the Cowed Condition on the prey. The ritemaster gains the prey's dots in the Renown that would​ have been their Auspice Renown as a bonus to the ritemaster's Facet dice pools, turns that they can spend in Gauru and health levels; furthermore, they gain bonus Essence equal to the prey's dots in that Renown each ​scene​ the ritemaster is engaged with or pursuing the Pure target. These bonus points of Essence are lost at the end of the scene if not used.
    ​Rumours persist of another sacred and powerful ritual that serves as a twin to this one, allowing a Lune to be reduced to their Essence and that energy to be poured into a Pure to replace their lost Auspice. If it does exist, there must be a compelling reason that the Forsaken have not spread it as far and wide as they can amongst themselves; but then, there are a number of flaws with the claims that such stories make, starting with the notion that a mere Lune would have the potential to replace the power of the Auspice.

    - Chris Allen, Aberrant Line Developer, Freelance Writer

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    First, happy birthday good sir.

    Second, you spoil us much

    I wonder if the Pure have something similar celebrating the day they tore off their Auspice...

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      Happy Birthday! Those are some very fun rites!

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        Happy birthday!


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          But.. but in a birthday you are the one to get gifts, not to give them..

          Happy birthday, and thank you for the new Changeday rites!

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            Happy Birthday. Thank you for caring about us.

            Thoughts ripple out, birthing others


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              Happy Birthday. I'm sure by the time I've posted this I should say Happy Belated Birthday, though.

              You know, while most Uratha probably wouldn't celebrate their First Change, I can imagine it would be encouraged among the Pure.
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                I will go other way - Happy Change Day, Acro. Cool stuff to reuse in game.

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                  Happy birthday Chris!

                  ​And LostLight in some cultures it is considered proper to give gifts to others on your birthday. Perhaps the Urathra find it appropriate to lay a steaming carcass before their guests on their special day--a day inaugurated with a morning hunt. You brought the candle, right?