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    I vote C, since I use Predator Kings in my own stories. I love the Anshega as much as I hate them, or maybe more?

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      My choice for this is option B


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        While they are all very flavorful, Lets have B...

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          I like 'mad tongues' - let's go for A.

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            Originally posted by nofather View Post

            Monghani voted B.

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            Fixed. I edited the post.

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              For sure...


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                I gotta go with C.


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                  I wonder what May will be? Maeljin May?

                  Malkydel: "And the Machine dictated; let there be adequate illumination."
                  Yossarian: "And lo, it was optimal."


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                    Originally posted by Vent0 View Post
                    I wonder what May will be? Maeljin May?
                    I truly hope so :P

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                      Mortal May: a menagerie of human Hunters


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                        Magath seems the obvious way to go. Maeljin would be cool but I'd be surprised if we see any mention of those before Shunned by the Moon, and am just hoping we see them there.


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                          I have to vote B.


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                            C for Sure.


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                              I'll close the vote some time tomorrow

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                                Originally posted by Acrozatarim View Post
                                Another month, another theme! I'm afraid the ground that Anshega April can cover is going to be rather limited for a few reasons, and I again have a boatload of paid work that will need attention but, nonetheless, let's get a vote started!

                                Would you like:

                                ​a) a Fire-Touched fetish of mad words stripped from the world; or
                                b) an Ivory Claw fetish of stolen destinies; or
                                ​c) a Predator King fetish of unbearable truths?

                                Vote now!
                                Let's say B.