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[2E] WtA Tribe as WtF Lodge – Bone Gnawers

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  • [2E] WtA Tribe as WtF Lodge – Bone Gnawers

    I give you Bone Gnawers! I hope will eat your bones - Bon Appetite, Werewolf fans! [ Group is based of Bone Gnawers Tribe write up from W20 corebook. It’s part of my wider project to bring WtA Tribes as WtF 2E Lodges. ]

    Bone Gnawers
    Children of Rat, Scavengers, Punks

    “Whatever works.” Its the motto for the Uratha children of Rat. One of oldest (some say the oldest) of Lodges it's creed is concerned about survival. Many say that future Bone Gnawers foresaw the rise of humanity and prepared for years to come before final the blow on Urfarah that put an end to Pangaea. Others say that Mother Rat knew about the Wolf’s weakness her consort, the Plague King even when she betrayed him later. The truth lies somewhere amid myth now.

    The Scavengers were always among humanity, on the low and outskirts, with the wretched and downthrodden. Eating scraps from Man’s table, behaving common dogs, until it came the time to hunt.

    Even if commonly disdained because of their socioeconomic status and their Totem, the Scavengers are known as best information gatherers within urban territories - the larger, the better. Like the rats under auspice of their Matriarch, they feel best in crowds, hiding in plain sight.

    Even with the Lodge open to all Tribes, not many outside of Iron Masters join them. Children of Red Wolf make the perfect Children for Rat, as both groups' motto are almost the same. Few devoted urban shamans from Bone Shadows join it, becoming veritable urban encyclopedias. Intriguingly some dedicated Hunters in Darkness enter Lodge to better understand their enemy. Surprisingly, many Ghost Wolves become Bone Gnawers, understanding living outside of the mainstream. But it’s alright - Rat accepts all her children equally.

    Totem: Mother Rat
    The patron of the Gnawers is Mother Rat. A spirit of filth, crowds and doing what’s necessary - but also knowledge and information. Most Uratha despise her as believing her to be part of the hateful Plague King. The truth is that she was the matriarch to the progenitor of Beshilu, preparing rats to take the world. But when Urfarah hunted the Plague King and it's kind, she give it up for the lives of her children. And Wolf let them live in return. From then on, Mother do everything whats need to be done to survive. However, the Plague King never forgave her, cursing her with it's dying screech. The Bone Gnawers find Beshilu among it's greatest foes.

    Blessing: Adherent starts with Perfect Impression on every Social Maneuvering with those with the Homeless or Outsider conditions. When spending Willpower to add dices on Streetwise roll, he gains the rote quality on that roll.
    Aspiration: To gather information on local city.
    Ban: Adherent cannot refuse to provide aid to the impoverished.

    Sacred Hunt
    The Lodge Sacred Hunt grants your character the ability to track prey by word of mouth, adding their contacts dots to tracking rolls as an equipment bonus.

    Lodge members have access to Lodge Connections, Lodge Lorehouse and Lodge Sorcery Merits.

    Many of Bone Gnawers Lodge members have these Conditions:

    Homeless (Persistent)
    The character doesn't have a home of his own and probably lives on the street. The character needs to succeed on a Survival or Streetwise roll to find suitable shelter for a night's rest. Failure to do so likely exposes him to the effects of fatigue, or other environmental tilts. Forced starvation or dehydration can lead her to Deprived Condition or even Sick Tilt. Characters who clearly display their homelessness have -1 to social rolls without the condition.
    Possible Sources: Tragedy. Lost of wealth or job.
    Resolution: Getting steady income enough to sustain living in normal accommodation for at least month (attaining a resources rating). Help from close ones, letting to support character.
    Beat: Character is refused basic aid or human dignity.

    Outsider (Persistent)
    This character looks and acts counter to the main society. Depending on location or history era, this character can be from untouchable caste Dalit in India or Burakumin in Japan, gay, hippie, punk, goth or any radical counterculture of the time. Character have -1 to -3 penalty on social rolls with others depending on target conservative worldview. Mainstream target would have -1 and ultraconservative would have -3 penalty. Character also add one more Door for each penalty point to the target’s pool.
    Possible Sources: Skin color or sexuality. Loss of status in society. Teenage rebellion.
    Beat: Whenever characters status leads to conflict with authorities or community.
    Resolution: Character integrates with mainstream. She changes her act and look to be with norm or even is lifted to proper society of location and era.
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    Quick impression:

    Homeless and Outsider look kinda... rough as Conditions, with them being social status. (I also didn’t like Ergi as a Condition from Dark Eras, so bias is given here)

    I don’t see the sacred prey here. Undecided yet?

    Why do these guys have Lodge Sorcery?

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      Homeless is a beat machine. Say I beg money in a corner, each person who refuses me would be 1 beat. Or restrain it by scene, 1 beat per hour.


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        Lodge Sorcery means we need to know Mother Rats's Influences.

        Thoughts ripple out, birthing others


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          Homelessness' beat needs to be more along the lines of your lack of access to basic human resources actively impairs you in a social scene. Things like being denied a job, or people shooing you off business property because you don't mesh with the vibe they want for their customers. You gain an illness due to your constant exposure outdoors (even werewolves can freeze if it gets cold enough), you're run out of a tent city -- those sort of experiences.


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            Originally posted by FallenEco View Post
            Lodge Sorcery means we need to know Mother Rats's Influences.
            Seeing as most Lodge Totems are Rank 4 and she is literal ex-consort of Plague King I would proposed...

            Mother Rat Influences: Rats 5, Filth 4, Knowledge 4, Dead 3 ( for Bones )

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              Are Totems exempt from the rule that spirits can't have more than their Rank dots in an Influence?

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                Yes they are, in fact. It's one of the perks. I think it applies to pack totems as well as lodge totems.


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                  I mean, imagine all the influences Firstborn amassed then.


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                    Oh man, now that's a thought.