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    Originally posted by 21C Hermit View Post
    Was rereading this; shouldn’t the last Secret be divided into two? It talks about both the splinter sect and the ash paintings. Or are they connected?
    Yeah, it should be split into two. Not sure how that happened.

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      Originally posted by Seidmadr View Post
      Great. Now I'm just imagining a case where the Erinyes' target is a member of the Lodge of Wrath. Because they also don't seem to get the idea of "proportionate response".
      So you’ve come to teach me the error of my ways. Eye for an eye, justice for all, balance the scales.

      But why? You’re so much more powerful than that. So much more than that. Why limit yourself to following the whims of a totem that hates itself so much?

      Strike me down if you must. I’ll be dead, and soon everyone you’ve ever known will be, too. Yes, we knew you were coming. Yes, we were prepared. No, you have no idea who we are, what we see, but your brothers and sisters knew where you’d be, didn’t they?

      You have no idea what true vengeance and no-one left alive means. I’m the gateway to true overkill. Kill me now and learn exactly what losing everything means. You can never take us all down because you have no idea who we are. But just say the word, and we’ll show you. We’ll burn it all down with you. Be who you truly are.

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