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Gauru form too strong?

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    Really, the big drawback of Garau is, as others have touched upon, it's complete lack of access to non-lethal options. If you need someone alive for some reason you're going to stick to one of the other forms, particularly Hishu and Dalu for tool access (rope, your choice of less lethal weapon, setting up some kind of trap...). Garau's purpose is to spread fear and death, it's either the finale of a hunt or a last ditch desperate attempt to scars others before taking another form and escape (and if you're using it for that something's go r horribly wrong).

    Note that 1e Garau was considered underpowered thanks to the Rage, which is why 2e upped it to ten seconds of murder (or at the absolute peak about a minute, but who actually hits Power Stat 10?). It's very intentionally not Crinos, and a smart werewolf defaults to Dalu or Urshal for most combat, but it's a useful tool for when you need to make the kill right now.

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    If I suggestion I make contradicts in-setting metaphysics please ignore me, I probably brought in scientific ideas.


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      I've been a fan of playing werewolves since the Apocalypse; they're supposed to be powerful, but, it's all how you play them.

      A lot of players I've known liked to play games in which they were powerful. In Dark Sun, one player loved to be physical and play Fighters and Gladiators, until he learned what Templars could do.