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Changing Breeds 2.0- Because Someone had to

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  • The automatic lethal damage on contact. You don't want to get grappled as you generally have to wait until the next turn (meaning two turns worth of contact damage that bypasses regular armor) until you can attempt to disengage. The extra Strength in that form also increases their grappling dice pools.

    Lunacy is very much tied to Luna, as far as I recall. The Stone-Forged has no immediate connection to her (if any connection at all) so whatever hiding effect they have (and they should have one considering how attention grabbing their forms are even compared to Uratha) would work at least somewhat differently.

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    • I have an idea for the ban What about amber? A material similar in hardness to silver, totally unforgable, but could possibly be sharpened. Plus, it is not made of any minerals or ores and is made from sap deposits older than many modern mountains. It thus flouts their claim to timelessness and is hard without being a mineral or ore. What do you think?

      A big weakness is that it burns easily, but if the Consuming Form is their Garou, having their Bane becoming less useful once they reach their most deadly form is in step with Werewolf balancing
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