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    Charlaquin I asked above, why did you gave 'em +3 to Manipulation?


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      Originally posted by Ephsy View Post
      Charlaquin I asked above, why did you gave 'em +3 to Manipulation?
      Mostly I was trying to get the net bonuses to work out to be equivalent to those that most werewolves get from Urhan form. But after some more thought, I do agree with Dataweaver, alternate stats kind of go against my whole reason for wanting Urhanu.

      Going by Willow now, or Wil for short. She/Her/Hers.


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        Some Wereblooded Tells:

        Long ago, men and wolves were allies. Maybe it was due to abilities like this? Wereblooded with this Tell are still feral, but something about them makes them seem domesticated. Maybe it's a friendly bearing, or the way they look softer. They may even have the Small Frame merit.
        Boon: Your presence tends to go unnoticed, and when you are noticed, people tend to assume you're a husky or some other mixed breed. Rarely will there ever be panic that you might be a wild animal. Because of your approachable nature, anyone who actually does interact with you (perhaps looking for a collar you may or may not have) gains an additional Vice while in your presence of "sharing my secrets or troubles with this dog".

        Legends abound of talking animals, whether they're cunning serpents or little birdies whispering secrets. A wereblooded with this Tell embodies that legend.
        Boon: Whether it's harsh and guttural, oddly lyrical and feminine, or simply the kind of voice that would be utterly normal if only it weren't coming from the throat of a wolf, the character can speak in human tongue, though anyone who witnesses it is subject to Lunacy at +3. By spending a point of Willpower, you may also speak in First Tongue for the scene.

        Even though the wereblooded is Urhan, their eyes are unnatural and as intelligent as that of a hishu. They don't just look unusual, though, they allow the wereblooded to be far more perceptive than the average wolf.
        Boon: The character can distinguish colours, but beyond that, you may send your senses across the Gauntlet as described on page 95. Without any way to spend Essence, you may not be able to do so reflexively, but by spending a point of Willpower you can see any Spirits in Twilight.

        Ghostly and ephemeral white wolves are sometimes reported to stalk the heaths and moors of old, foggy places in the highlands. In actuality, it's wereblooded who have this Tell.
        Boon: By spending a point of Willpower, you can shift into Twilight, taking on the aspects of a Spirit. You can interact with Spirits, and see what happens outside of Twilight, but can no longer interact with the physical world. Spending another point of Willpower returns you to the physical world.

        Honestly, those might be a bit better than the ones in the book. A lot of the standard Wolfblooded Tells are uncontrollable or very narrowly useful.


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          And because I went to the trouble of making the header all fancy, but can only use four images: Raised By Wolves
          Your character lacks social graces, and just can't deal with the modern world.
          Whatever the cause, you take -3 to any Mental rolls, Social rolls besides Animal
          Ken or Intimidation, and Drive, Firearms, and Larceny rolls that you don't have a
          Specialty in. If you fail an Extended action, treat it as a Dramatic Failure unless
          you spend a point of Willpower. Your gruff nature also tends to irritate people,
          and in Social Maneuvering with characters outside of your pack, you have to deal
          with an additional Door so long as your behavior and outlook persist
          On the plus side, Intimidation and Animal Ken get 8-Again.
          Possible Sources: An abusive childhood, Breaking towards Spirit, spending a
          long time away from human allies. Being actually raised by wolves.
          Resolution: Working to integrate (back) into human society, perhaps through
          interacting with humans outside of the pack, or long term acclimation. The
          Condition may turn up again as a non-Persistent Condition in stressful times. A
          character may suppress--but not shed--the condition temporarily with meditation.
          Beat: Your upbringing causes you issues. You might miss social cues, or you
          may accidentally piss someone off, or your lack of ability to think clearly and use
          technology may set your pack back.


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            thread necro because I came up with downsides for two of the wereblooded tells posted here, since the wolfblooded tells have downsides, it is only fair that the wereblooded should too.

            Mans best friend (Two Meals Away): Terry and Neil were right, and the reverse is true too. if a wereblooded with this tell accepts two meals in a row from a mortal, wolfblooded or Uratha, they become conditioned to obey them, at least until they miss two meals from that master in a row. a common belief among Uratha in certain parts of the world is that a if a wereblooded with a wolfblooded master goes through the first change, the wolfblooded master will go through it themselves in the same lunar cycle. How this might change the relationship between the two is often the subject of lewd jokes among said Uratha.

            Warg Tounge ( The Wittgenstein Effect): Just because the wereblooded can speak to humans doesn't always mean that the humans understand them. Wolves, even wereblooded, have a very different view of the world and will sometimes say something to a human that the human, if they resist the lunacy, they may misinterpret the message due to the words having a different meaning to them. When a human resists lunacy (or else a wolfblooded hears the message) causes by this tell, roll the humans Wits + Animal Ken. If the roll fails, the human realizes that they don't quite know what the wereblooded means. On a success, the human understands the basic gist of what the wereblooded means. On a dramatic failure, the human misinterprets the wereblooded in a catastrophic way (some Uratha think the dog that set off the Son of Sam was a wereblooded with both this tell and the Man's Best Friend tell, that fell victim to this effect) On a critical success, the human understands the wereblooded completely and gains insight into the lupine worldview doesn't need to roll for future communication with the wereblooded in question.

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