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    There's a lot of talk in the books, even in Second Edition, about the bad feelings between most kinds of spirit and the Forsaken. The Pure get around this by basically becoming the servants of their powerful Totems rather than partners with less prominent ones, and by mostly leaving the Shadow to do its thing as long as it doesn't interfere with them personally. But we know not all kinds of spirits are hostile or distrusting toward the Forsaken by default!

    Below is as short list of what I feel would be spirits that werewolves generally get along well with barring unusual circumstances. Some are from the two Second Edition books we have right now, so those are set clearly in place by the writing itself. Some of this is based on mythological associations and scientific observations of how wolves interact with other animals.

    If anyone else can think of any spirit types that might be inclined to be friendly with werewolves, feel free to make a mention of them!

    Friendly Spirit Types

    1) Wolves. These are obvious enough - wolf spirits thrive on the resonance of wolves and wolf-y activities. Werewolf packs are essentially a fountain of essence to be around for them! Also, wolf spirits have the various Firstborn as superiors and so there's hierarchical pressure for them to be friendly to and aid werewolves. This relationship is established clearly in the 2e Corebook.

    2) Dogs and Coyotes. There are far fewer differences between wolves and these other canines than one might suspect. Research recently turned up some genetic evidence that the ties between the three are essentially inescapable, and that there just aren't pure wolves in existence anymore at this point - they just mate all over the place. So I suspect, and The Pack supplement backs up, that dog and coyote spirits are likely to have some natural relations with wolf spirits (they have overlapping resonances), and thus reasons to hang around with werewolves.

    3) Ravens. This one is based on mythology and scientific observation. Odin had both ravens and wolves by his side and they got along fine; the Morrigan took on the form of various carrion birds and canines. In both captivity and the wild ravens and wolves have been observed to engage in symbiotic behaviors, such as ravens leading upwind wolves toward prey so that they might both feast on the results of the hunt. Ravens usually wait for predators to leave before scavenging a carcass, but with wolves they just swoop down and start pulling meat off without a care. The wolves let them. At rest ravens have been observed to play with wolf pups by tugging on their tails and letting themselves be chased about, and in captivity ravens and wolves will even 'sing' together! Between this apparent symbiosis between ravens and wolves, and the great intelligence of these dark avians as tool makers and tool users, I suspect they would get along famously with wolf spirits and their werewolf kin.

    4) Certain Vice Spirits: Werewolf activity produces a great deal of very nasty resonance on a regular basis. Violence, wrath, and other nasty things abound where the Uratha walk, and if a pack isn't careful spirits will take form as a result of this. Such spirits may well wish to aid werewolves in continuing their activities! This is generally how you get Bale Hounds, unfortunately; the temptation of having powerful allies and mentors who can feed off of 'doing that thing we like doing anyway' can get to be too much. (Kudos to nofather for reminding me of this)
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    Revlid wrote:
    Yes, hollowing out your humanity to become an utterly utilitarian asura is the exact suggestion I would expect from you, Aiden.

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    I feel like spirits of borders and separation and boundaries would also like the Forsaken. I mean, there have to be some spirits who are fine with the Gauntlet staying up.


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      Hunt spirits. By all accounts most of the Maeljin like werewolves, as they embody so much of their resonance. Primarily Wrath and Deceit and Violence.
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        Location Spirits(that had a fair bit of mention in the 1e book) would definitely be down with Packs that are willing to work with them and enhance Resonances that flow well with them.


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          For generally friendly spirits, yeah. Though, almost any spirit can be made friendly with the right level of interaction.

          Spirits of family might like werewolves, since they're all about the big family.

          We don't allow mages to cast spells, since this is the most unbalancing rule of all.


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            Spirits of Fraternity or Group Think, Spirits of Obligation

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              Spirits of death and the food cycle might be friendly because of the wolf's role as an apex predator. Forest spirits would probably look kindly on wolves, but not be gentle, as wolves are more a tenant of their domain. Blood spirits would probably be in here somewhere, too.