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Storytelling subtle changes in how npcs treat characters after the change

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  • Storytelling subtle changes in how npcs treat characters after the change

    I am approaching a climax point in my story. There will be some downtime between the current arch and the next arch. The characters all work for the police in Newark, NJ. I would like to do some basic police procedural, single session or two session stories that drive home how much the characters lives have changed. I could use some help coming up with ways in which the way NPC's subtly begin to treat the PC's to drive home that they have changed. Thoughts?

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    'Where've you been, Wolfgang? You used to hang out with us all the time after work and go drinking but now you just go off somewhere with Talbot and Lobo, what's up with that?' Joining a pack would be a noticable social shift to people who knew the werewolf before. Boyfriends or wives might think they were cheating, coworkers and employers might think they were going to quit.

    Also imagine they would start avoiding smokers and busy, urban areas like at a parade or concert. Not always but with the enhanced senses it might be overwhelming for some right after the first change. One might notice they become healthier, and are able to last longer than they might have before, not necessarily due to an increase in Stamina but because of the Bashing regeneration.

    This is mostly due to how the werewolf reacts, but even an ordinary human might feel something 'off' and intimidating about the werewolf. Not necessarily at the level of Lunacy or Primal Fear but werewolves can seem very intense. It might not come up right after a First Change but at Primal Urge two they shift to only being able to eat meat, so any vegans or vegetarians are going to have a noticably hard time of it or shift their diet, which would also raise eyebrows.


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      I would focus on themes covered in The Pack, like "They don't get you", which would use NPCs to drive home the feeling that only the pack can understand them. For example, they might see other policemen get hurt and be unable to keep up, while they have monstrous regeneration, and catch themselves asking "what a weakling", and then realizing that they are not human anymore.

      Another heavy thing would be Spirits. Now they notice what is in Twilight, and may get surprised at the amount of influence Spirits are applying into everyday crimes. Is the criminal really guilty when the Hursah named Flesh Torn Apart is forcing him to cause pain on everyone he sees?

      Also, when the chief assigns them a mission that takes them into Pure territory, what do they do?


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        Originally posted by nofather View Post
        I see what you did there, and I like it.

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