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    I'm a huge fan of Marvel 1602 and I would love to blatantly steal the setting and ideas! So what if the Nova age started Centuries later due to some Temporal accident, say maybe the Hammersmith Device kicked people back in time, or even some other character is tossed back in time sometime in the future.

    Because of this the age of Marvels... er Novas kickstarts Early. Nova's are errupting, often at a young age, and labeled the Witchbreed. Queen Victoria is assassinated and King James takes over. The Inquisition is hunting the Witchbreed, and America starts to become a freestate for Weirdos like the Witchbreed.

    Also Dinosaurs are a thing in the New World, and Pterodactyls and Mospids have spread across the world.

    John D is I guess what a Talent that has access to secret rituals that actually works tapping into otherworldly forces, and even has communicated with transcendent Alien beings, Enochian being an actual potent alien language.

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    Rudolf II's Prague is now a center of super science.

    Feodor Godunov is a Nova and in 1602 at the age of 12 is one of the new Bogatyr who is heading off Russia's Time of Troubles and making it a rising power in the East.

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