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  • [TC Assassins] Hong Kong fan setting

    Intent: I started a short, few session long game of TC Assassins in Hong Kong in 2020s. As I run rather sandboxy, I want to prepare small setting guides for my game – and by this, do fan example of Assassins setting. It will not be very detailed, but I think it will works to spun few stories. In next few weeks I will throw ideas or maybe some details questions you can help with – and edit first post with crucial info. At the end, we should have some nice example mini-setting for this killers game. 😎

    Notice: I'm not from Hong Kong. I never been myself in Asia. It all will be very much '80s Martial Arts cinema' inspired game. If you got better sources - point me to them. But for now, it will simply by 'action movie genere' like setting. 😎


    <History of Hong Kong – Worshipful Company of Killers also >

    Five Societies of Killers

    <Great Five Descriptions – and pointed local leader>


    Swarm is greatest Assassins Society in area. Being underbelly of both local organized crime Triads and United Kingdom originate corporations, they follow the original example straight from Japan.
    Leader: ??? –


    Signal is helping people in opposing China’s direct ruthless rules in area, after authoritarian bend of People's Republic of China (PRC) against local dissidents, especially after 2019-2020 protests.
    Leader: ??? –

    Daughters of the Jacobins

    Leader: ??? –

    Krugu Vorov

    Leader: ??? –

    Society of Leonidas

    Leader: ??? – ( British snob lord? )

    Bonus – Martial Art Killers

    Hong Kong is known from Martial Art cinema – and the tradition to learn various ways to kill man without using any weapon. Local societies of killers have developed their own variant of close combat assassins, coming straight from dojos around the peninsula. ( pΓ³Ε‚wysep )

    Assassins Role Path – Martial Art Killer ( Role, Shadow )
    Martial Art Killers are artists in their use of unarmed combat techniques with deadly precisions. This path is for those who engage in art and deadly combat, striking first with killing blows before your enemy. Your body is your greatest weapon. Strike like lighting and kill enemy before he even notice your fists.
    Example Connections: Martial Artists, Triad members?, ???
    Skills: Athletics, Close Combat, Larceny, Medicine
    Edges: Always Prepared , Danger Sense, Hardy, Iron Will, Free Running, Precise Martial Arts
    Gifts: Skills (Athletics, Close Combat, Medicine), Technique* – Quick Death (1 to 5)

    *Techniques are special variants of Gifts, similar to Masteries of Assassins. For more in-depth rules on Martial Arts and Techniques in Trinity, see Fists of Flux community supplement by great Mateus Luz. 😎 /

    Technique – Quick Death (1 to 5)
    Keywords: Momentary, Skill (Close Combat)
    Prerequisites: Close Combat 3, Precise Martial Arts 2, Medicine 1
    Your assassin can literally kill man with single blow by attacking vital places in his body. They get Enhancement equal to Quick Death dots to first unarmed attack on the particular target if it’s without Defense – like ambushed on first turn. Attack have Aggravated Tag on human enemies.
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