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Aberrant: Defense and Quantum Deflection?

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    Originally posted by Timecrafter View Post
    That's great! Now we should ask how they recommend we deal with non-Personal powers; do they need an "Impose Non-Personal" tag or something? Or they should be "un-Imposable" for good? 🤔
    Originally posted by Bunyip View Post
    The answer is going to be ‘what works for your game?’
    To be fair, that's always the case. Rule Zero always applies. The question is about the default players can expect sitting down to play a game in the system. Some people play at (or run) multiple tables and it's always good to have a fair expectation of the default situation, on top of which notable exceptions are mentioned to players beforehand.

    Something I'm getting from these interactions (here & in the Ask a Dev thread) is that there is a bit of a clash of expectations regarding what we (as consumers/users) want/expect from the rules in terms of default framework and how much detail the authors (& developers) of said rules think should be set as a default. I think part of that comes from the fact that it's a first edition of the Aberrant rules in the Storypath system, some of it comes from unexpected interactions, and some of it is the grey area on the crunchy-to-narrative spectrum in which the Storypath system resides.