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    So, we have first TC Aether 'serial' novel episode - interesting stuff in it!

    We have Tesla's Aether Gates in setting!

    Who is Anne Mercer? Who is mysterious Jā€”ā€”ā€”? What is going on here? šŸ˜²

    Also - Can I market game with slogan of League of Extraordinary Ladies and Gentlemen is already getting ready to fight the Martian invaders!

    League name do not drop in official text - but was mentioned in few interviews about Aether setting, here and there...

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      There was a Savage World campaign setting called War of the Worlds: The Remains in which adventurers ran around trying to recover the remains of Martian technology. There was also Martian Red Weed which in this campaign was addictive and awakened psychic powers while triggering metamorphosis in addicts. There were also Martian survivors. Of course with the European powers broken by the invasion their overseas colonies all successfully revolted.

      Jules Verne and H. Ridder Haggard did most of their writing before the 1890's so if your going to include their stories; King Solomon's Mines, Captain Nemo and the Nautilus, they are already old news from decades past.


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        We were getting some thread-drift on an alternate homebrew setting. I've split it off into its own thread. I don't mind multiple Aether threads which aren't about Aether, but they should be their own things and not take over the "official" threads, particularly during the Kickstarter. Thanks!

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