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[TC Aether] Clarification - Squire, Gog & Magog

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  • [TC Aether] Clarification - Squire, Gog & Magog

    So I read Aether preview manuscript - and still I'm not sure I get correct difference between three characters types in this era book. English is my second language, maybe I do not understand some statements in text. So here is topic for clarification of it - and maybe add some possible example characters for those Types.

    Squire = Talents ( Core ) / Daredevils ( Adventure ) - Example characters: Sherlock Holmes, Otto Lidenbrock ( 'Journey to the Center of the Earth' )

    Gog = Character using direct Aether powers by Aparatus - Example characters: Nicola Tesla ( and all his lighting inventions, especially Aether Gates ), Victor Frankenstein ( and all his devices and alchemy to reanimate dead ), Harry Potter ( cannot use Magic without his Wand )

    Magog = Character using direct Aether powers without Aparatus, often monstrous - Example characters: Dracula ( from Bram Stocker's book or Castlevania series ), Frankenstein Monster/'Adam' ( especially as shown like from Promethean: the Created gameline ), theoretically Hindu Gods like Kali ( by Three Prongs dogma ).
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    I got the impression Tesla was a Squire who just used super science a lot, from what I can tell nothing stops a Squire from using the super science system to build inventions that replicate Gog Gifts.


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      I would have some difficulty distinguishing between Apparatus and Powered Science, except that Powered Science apparently doesn't exist in Æther.


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        Originally posted by Dataweaver View Post
        I would have some difficulty distinguishing between Apparatus and Powered Science, except that Powered Science apparently doesn't exist in Æther.

        Apparatus is just a tool for enabling gogs to use their special gifts, it does not have to do anything else (though it could be both something else and an Apparatus).


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          I know that. But for the most part, the Gogs don't; and I'd wager that most people in the setting don't, either: to them, the Gog uses his Apparatus, and the results of the Gift happen.


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            You oversimplified the idea of Gogs and Magogs.

            Squires are normal people that are just lucky and skilled to the extreme. Tesla and most other inventors are Squires that know a lot about Aether and can invent stuff that deal with it.

            Gogs are special inventors that create apparatus that they use to handle Aether in many ways. As they see the power is not inside them, the gifts they have are special uses of their apparatus. An apparatus can be a steampunk invention or something more esoteric like a crane with a cristal that collect Aether to be spinned. They may have some Aether inside their bodies in the form of Inspiration, but the apparatus is not using only it.

            Magogs are gogs that internalized their apparatus, they learned how to collect Aether with their bodies and use their bodies to spin it directly. They are not magical, they are not born with a magical power, they modified themselves to spin Aether and it may turned themselves into something other than human. They also have Inspirarion but it’s not all the Aether they use to spin.

            Harry Potter ins not a Gog because the wand is there to focus the magical power INSIDE him, while a apparatus collects and shapes Aether.

            The gods, novas and whatever, are not Magogs, they have powers that are not aether.

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