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[TC] AETHER -- weird thought for crossing two of the games

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  • [TC] AETHER -- weird thought for crossing two of the games

    So .. when the Aether Gate was created to go to Mars ... perhaps it was the Mars of Cavaliers of Mars instead. Since it does note the gates opened to different worlds/dimensions. Or maybe the Mars of Barsoom and John Carter.
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    Well, the "canon" ending to the Aether age was a battle for Mars with allies from multiple dimensions, including the native inhabitants of at least one version of Mars, so that is distinctly possible. If you want to spend your campaign exploring various versions of Mars while looking for the invaders' home base, then recruiting allies for the final battle, that certainly gives you some exotic locales.


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      That’s a great idea! Cavaliers of Mars is a cool game.

      Amethyst is my birthstone. She/they.


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        It’s a good time to create the martians as playable characters in TC (the Martians from CoM)

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