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  • Other Lands.

    Aether rightly and with practicality focuses on Victorian England. But there is so much more out there. I can see sourcebooks for...

    Menji Restoration Japan. Steampunk and Samurai have been a great mix since the Japanese wrote their own Sci Fi back in the 1890s!

    The Wild West and the rest of late 19th century America too. Canada and Mexico were part of the Wild West too.

    The British Raj a glorious setting for adventure.

    The Antipodes Australia and New Zealand are so neglected as settings for adventure. And they so don't deserve it.

    Continental Europe is simply to rich to ignore.

    What else do you want/need!

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    I only point out that when starting our new Trinity multi era chronicle with Adventure! story about looking for Max Mercer in 1923 - I putted it in English Raj, as RRR 2022 movie homage. Aether Kickstarter preview was more than helpful, with for example Three Prongs society. 😎

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      Alaska and the Yukon. Cuba. The lost world dinosaur plateau in Venezuela. The Empire of Brazil. Argentina. South Africa. The Congo. Ethiopia. Egypt. The Ottoman Empire. Vienna. Prague. Transylvania. Fictional German or Italian principalities which didn't get absorbed by unification. Siam. The Kingdom of Hawaii. The Hollow Earth. The ruins of Atlantis. The Moon.

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