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Speculations of Storypath Ultra

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  • Speculations of Storypath Ultra

    • What rules do we think we have gathered from Onyx Path for Storypath Ultra?
    • What rules do we think we will see that have not been mentioned?
    • What rules would you like to see?

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    I wrote up a summary of the changes they discussed in a video back in August of '22.

    Storypath Ultra is a new, standardized and improved version of the Storypath engine that will be implemented in new OPP studio products. It is supposed to unify

    I'm most interested in more clarity and examples of Complications, especially when to use to them. I really love the concept of Complications, but it can be hard to know when to use a Complication and when to just increase the Difficulty. It doesn't help that some of the few examples we got of Complications in the first books should have been Difficulty increases instead.

    The recent World Below Preview mentioned Status Effects which sounded a lot like Conditions, so I'm really curious if they've made a big change there. Conditions are another area where I like the concept, but since we got so few examples it always felt awkward coming up with them on the fly in play.

    I would also love to see more basic options for Tricks (the new name for Stunts). Tricks are another really cool aspect of Storypath (and I really really love how combat uses Tricks), and a fun way to customize a roll with situational Tricks, but it would be neat to see more options than just Enhance or Complicate for basic rolls.