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[They Came From - ALL] What to do with dead PCs?

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  • [They Came From - ALL] What to do with dead PCs?

    All 'They Came From...' games are partial horror. People die in those games. Characters also. What to do if one of PCs dies in game? Player can still use Cinematics, even if PC is dead, for example? She get's new NPC to control? What are your solutions to those situations in play?
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    If zombie movies have taught me anything its they always come back.


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      I have the player erase thier character name and write in a new one, and introduce the new character as appropriately as possible. You can also quickly make new characters as Story Path and others of the old d10 dice pool mechanics have really fast character generation. I also recycle the old characters as NPCs or just new characters to appear later.
      For players, rewrites and cinematic look to be player based and not character based, they still get some say on how they are used, again this is a game based on low budget movies so Fake Shemp and use your players.


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        Camp Murder Lake! does have the “It’s only ketchup” cinematic. But also, as others have pointed out, zombies. Think Bub from Day of the Dead.