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    Yes and no. Storypath can be very light or gritty if you want to.

    DR:E have rules for basics necessities, like hungry, thirsty, fatigue and fear, what makes it grittier, but it doesn’t mean it is extra lethal.
    On the other side, playing as human in TC take away a few dots and advantages that can make it harder to survive, for example 1 less attribute dot and no resource to avoid extra damage or empower you.

    Also, if you want more difficulty, just fight harder adversaries, give them better than average weapons (brutal and deadly tags are extremely useful for that end).

    Surviving every day is also different from a few fights here and there. If you can’t recover from old injuries it will build up really fast. Without powers, maimed is always persistent and will never heal completely if you have no medical help (that is hard on a Stone Age setting), same may apply to Injured conditions using weapons with deadly tag. You can also add a condition related to infections, for example being bitten by an animal (or even a human) is extremely infectious, and will not get better without proper medicine (maybe some witch doctor medicine may help).

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      This game sounds kind of cool and I better go down to my local gaming store and try to order the core book.

      What in the name of Set is going on here?