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  • Agreed, but as you mentioned earlier it is best to amass overwhelming firepower before hand so that the targets health track fills up with aggravated damage so they cannot shift. I am sure preparing a good ambush site and automatic weapons would do well. I imagine many Hunter hunts might end this way.

    Another post pointed out that sending a wave of expendible flunkies against a pack can force that pack to use up their garou forms and essence, if they go into Kuruth it would be a bonus. After the wave of flunkies gets wiped out ( as they most likely will be), the second wave can...
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  • This is an excellent post! Thank you for making it. It addressed many issues about combat in the Chronicles of darkness, especially the thorny issues regarding Werewolf fights. Here are some concepts you highlighted very well

    1/ Ambushing a Werewolf in human form is probably the most efficient way to take them out. A werewolf probably spends the majority of time in their human, or wolf forms, so hitting them when their health track is lowest and without defence will probably work. We get hung up on their awesome Garou form, but forget that their human form is quite mundane (...
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