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Sergeant Brother
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  • In his rage, Ravnos used Chimerstry 10 to turn all of reality into a role playing game, and that is what happened.

    Seriously though, I don’t recognize the Week of Nightmares in any chronicles that I run. In my opinion, the Antediluvians don’t die until Gehenna, so if I were forced to use the Week of Nightmares, I would rule that Ravnos faked his death. Antediluvians’ power is so great that it defies comparison.
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  • I’m a right winger and I’ve always seen the Technocracy as being left wing. Almost like an Alex Jones style conspiracy theory. I could also see them from the perspective of the Technocracy controlling both sides of the establishment with the New World Order pushing the mainstream left and the Syndicate pushing the mainstream right, with the extremes (or those not fitting into the false binary) falling outside of their purview....
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  • Sergeant Brother
    replied to WOD changing the events
    Go as far as you like in changing anything you want. It may be the case that some people may not like it if you make changes from canon, but in my observation, keeping things from older editions never make people mad. If you decided that there were no Tremere in the Camarilla (assuming a Camarilla game) someone might want to play a Tremere and get irritated, but if you said that the Gangrel still existed in the Camarilla, then it's really unlikely that you'd get complaints.

    Personally, I haven't incorporated a significant metaplot change in one of my chronicles since 2nd edition....
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