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  • I tried fleshing Occult out by giving it the ability to make wards and function like Lore when it comes to knowing about spirits/mysticism.

    Otherwise there's a reason I agree with Essence merging Lore and Occult (not so much also including medicine).
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  • Sidereal Death Perception Sight (Sidereal Awareness charms)

    Sensing the Strings
    Cost: 4m 1WP; Mins: Awareness 4, Essence 1
    Type: Reflexive
    Keywords: Divination
    Duration: Indefinite
    Prerequisite Charms: Prior Warning

    The Sidereal closes their eyes and attunes their senses to that of the Loom of Fate, granting an strange yet new way of seeing the world.

    Upon activating this charm and closing their eyes, the Sidereal sees the world as the Loom of Fate sees it, a world of countless threads all connected to one another. Learning to sense using this method takes time, but it will only be a matter of time...
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  • Sandact6
    started a topic Sidereal Office Charms

    Sidereal Office Charms

    While reading through Ex3 Sidereal charms, I noticed a lack of charms that involved the Sidereal's most defining aspect: Being an office wagie. If you're under the employ of heaven, why not have some charms that make use of that fact?

    Sidebar: Nnnnnooooo! Sidereals shouldn't have new charms

    Click on my homebrew signature. Do I look like a man who gives a shit about such things?

    Harmonious Review of Performance
    Cost: 5m 1WP; Mins: Bureaucracy 4, Essence 1
    Type: Simple
    Keywords: None
    Duration: Instant
    Prerequisite Charms: Icy Hand...
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