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  • Dreamers (Minor Sleepwalker Template)

    Dreams are not just dreams. They are but the surface of endless ocean. Dive deeper, and you'll get deep into your soul, soul of humanity, soul of universe. Most people won't ever do that, but you can do it. You can find wisdom here, and power, and your worst nightmares - all without ever leaving the bed. You can find friendship there from powers that be, and you can change the world.

    But can you wake up?

    All people dream, but some people dream deeper. They can dream into the Dreaming - that's how they usually call Astral Realm - not only their Oneiros, but even Temenos...
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  • My answer would be: "Not much, but mages as a whole and each individual Mage usually have better things to do."

    First of all, Awakened are not single nation yet. In fact, there is vast schism between those who think that serving Supernal tyrant-gods is abhorrent, those who think it's a pretty sweet deal, and those who busy exploiting magic in all fun and horrible ways while first two groups duke it out. In most cases, when Pentacle mages band together in numbers to solve problem, that problem is usually somehow tied to other mages - Seers, Banishers, Scelesti, Tremere, list...
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