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  • You and I look at this very differently. I see this as a limitation unique to the paradigm. Having a workaround unique to the paradigm as well makes sense to me.

    My thinking on twice the Arcane rating is that Batini Arcane goes to 10, at which point they have experienced the fana, allowing them to deal with what others understand as Entropic effects as part of Eternal Creation. I also saw this as a powerful power-creep cap. Same reason I think you are proposing conjunctinal magic requirements. (at least in part. I think we also have differing rules interpretations as well.). I think...
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  • No arguments there. I generally dislike making character types that are unique because they cannot do something that everyone else can. I find it difficult to believe that a faction of mages would be running around for hundreds of years with the inability to impact a fundamental aspect of reality and do nothing about it. Canon text just says, "yeah, they are troubled by this." I wanted something a bit better.
    My thinking was to put a double cap on it with Arcane and Correspondence rating. This also makes the effect unique to the Batini and their paradigm. However, I see your point....
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  • This was actually the idea. The write up in Lost Paths was interesting, but threw around a lot of terms that it did not explain. What is the Doctrine of Unity? It was talked about, but not really explained in the text. Having High Arcane and no Entropy seemed like add-on abilities that had no relation to each other and nothing to do with the paradigm. I could not wrap my head around it. However, I know that WoD writers do better research than that, so I did some digging to figure out what they were not telling us. I found it very helpful and through others might as well. This is not a new version,...
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  • Heilong
    started a topic Putting Context to the Ahl-i-Batin

    Putting Context to the Ahl-i-Batin

    The TLDR on this is that there is a great concept behind the Ahl-i-Batin that perhaps assumed more background knowledge of Islamic thought and philosophical discourse needed to contextualize the different aspects of this Tradition. This is an attempt to provide some of that context so that these characters or NPCs can be portrayed as more than two dimensional "mysterious assassins."

    I liked the Ahl-i-Batin since they were introduced, but I never really got them or felt I knew how to play them. I could not understand what they were trying to build or what their motives and...
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