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  • In general WoD setting tries to mimick the real world. This is why “reality is influenced by peoples' beliefs” it's so often curbed by the acclaration that water it's wet, Earth isn't flat, and gravity functions more or less as expected. In all editions after the 1rst, it's unlikely the Consensus can alter this to a big extent. But even if it *could*, the fact of the matter it's that *now* things work like this. Physical laws may be *sus*, but they work (at least at a surface level) akin to what we imagine about our real world at the moment we enter the setting with our PCs.

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  • Unfortunately, their book it's very damning against such divergent members having any voice. It pretty much says that the Syndicate allows "socialists" to go rogue and then return after whatever they tried *doesn't work* (OR they become Etherites like that one example in the Etherite book?). I guess one could say the narrator it's IOC and biased, but it's not like there's any real OOC that says otherwise - heck, it's even implied that PU related to public structures it's the purview of the NWO.


    I think it's all rather childish. It's on the same level of...
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  • Yes, and this is very well represented by one quote of Porthos from one of the oldest books of Mage (I think it's the oldest novel?), the Fragile Path: ...
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