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  • And truth is...I've read a lot of Xianxia stories. Webnovels, but still.

    A straight port of morality from the Chronicles of Darkness would be significantly more morally concerned than a lot of genre fiction in Xianxia. They're infamous for having outright amoral protagonists where "I am stronger than you" is regarded as the only justification needed for really nasty behavior. Combine that with actual yaoguai and Demon Cultivators, along with Ghost Immortals, Heart Devils, Celestial Bureaucracy knows what else...there's plenty of monsters already in Xianxia that are already...
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  • Leliel
    replied to Exalted Essence Preview is out!
    I do not understand you. It's just a Wikipedia search away, and with it, pictures that probably could not have fit in the book.

    Like, I didn't even know several of these places existed, and reading about them, had sudden flashes to exactly what the locations can be described like. Like, I know what Gethamane looks like now. That's not nothing....
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