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  • Funny you should say that. The inspiration for that scenario comes more or less directly from an old World of Darkness supplement called Shades of Gray in the Orpheus line. Basically that game heavily involves ghosts and the underworld, and include a drug called Pigment that lets you see ghosts and turns you into a ghost if you die while taking the drug. The plot involves a batch of Pigment getting laced with arsenic to create a large mass of ghosts that are then attacked by Spectres (which are akin to ethereal Shuankhsen after a fashion, which serve a powerful entropic force called Oblivion that...
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  • So an odd question. In second edition all immortals, including body thieves, gain a dot or more of Sekhem as part of their template? Does this happen immdiately upon invoking the ritual, and does it apply to the anyone whose mind is swapped (in the event the ritual switches minds rather than simply destroying the psyche of the victim, of course)? I'm especially curious about the results of an oddity mind swap such as the Brown Acid described in WoD: Immortals. I'm picturing a scene in a nightclub where a Shuankhsen gives the tainted substance to party goers and then stands back and waits for the...
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