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  • Sure, I agree with that. If however you have a very old ghoul you'll want to keep him stocked up so a couple centuries don't turn to dust because you were a couple days late. I think there's a reason the Blood Pool of a ghoul goes up 1 each century.

    A point I forgot to make was you don't even need to do anything special to make a vampire let alone a ghoul, any Vitae will do. Shovel Heads from the Sabbat, the origins of the Baali, but I do think it's reasonable to change that or the thing with ghouls if you want. I read one person who said he made it so you had to spend a permanent...
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  • Ok so I'll clarify my position a little better if it was confusing.

    If a ghoul has 3 BPs he can stay a ghoul for 3 months as long as he uses all three BPs 1 per month to stay a ghoul. It's the ghoul using the vitae to maintain ghoul status, just like he could have burned a BP to heal a wound or pump up his strength by one in a fight.

    I know some people want to say the vampire has to feed them with the specific ritual purpose of the blood point keeping him a ghoul each and every month. This isn't true by the rules nor fiction its just some home brew. It is the ghoul burning...
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  • Oh for sure, the game started in the past and I needed to drop the Tremere for example. The modern world just felt the ramifications, I just liked it. I always change lots of stuff though.

    One last thing and I'll stop the derailment, tech would need to stop advancing before 2000 for me to feel the technology level was right for VTM. Internet and cellphone use was way too prevalent in 2000. 98 was when pretty much everyone had a computer and was online (I'd guess 40% of homes in the US), most got rid of dial up around 98 as well and things just went into hyperdrive. 93-94 (Pre windows...
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  • Herr Meister

    Basically the lowest generations are destroyed with the birth of Christ the most powerful and least human of the Cainites are reduced to ash in that moment, including Caine himself. There isn't a week of nightmares or any other ramifications to the weaker generations.

    The biggest change for vampire society is that it's most powerful members are basically free of Blood Bonds and the like all at the same instant. This leads to the Inconnu forming within a decade made up of some of the eldest 6th generation vampires and some of their 7th generation Childer....
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  • I have the 1st - 5th Gens all destroyed in Anno Domini.

    This takes care of most of the "WTF?" powers. The 6th generation is also the largest at this point in time, so each clan stays quite strong in the elders department without sleeping blood gods using them as pawns.

    The Tremere never come about, however the Giovanni are a blood line offshoot of the Cappadocians with Augustus lowering his generation to 6th through diablerie.

    I use most of first edition and a good chunk of second edition as even though I used the V20 and DAV20 for awhile I decided...
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