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  • Well, someone has quoted Ann Rice so what about...

    “- Louis: Vampires pretending to be humans, pretending to be vampires. - Claudia: How avant-garde.”...
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  • I think that actually forcing a vampire to recover humanity in any way is doomed to end poorly.
    But probably the Lancea would organize something like a series of evaluation meetings, sponsoring a healthcare structure where vampires who feels at the brink of draughood could enlist to receive psychological support.
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  • Neos01
    replied to Ask a Simple Question: Vampire
    I don t understand the Liderc Bloodline Bane.
    In the first part of the description it states that when a Liderc gets the Dependent condition the effects of Touchstones are diminished.
    But " If the subject of her affection was her Touchstone, she immediately loses her as opposed to detaching.", what does this mean?
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