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  • Oh dont get me wrong brother, dumping on Argentinians is a national hobby in Brazil.

    You're mistaken me. We dont hate Argentina or Aegentinians - quite the opposite. We are inseparable brothers, we feel like flesh and blood towards the "boludos" (a funny word for us, because in portuguese would mean to have "big balls" or something like it).

    We brazilians love to hate Argentina.

    And the argentinians hate having to admit that they love Brazil.

    So, when we provoke one another, is like brothers provoking each other.
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  • Ah yes, the powers to be never appreciate being insulted by the peasants.

    Gotcha boss. I'll self censor myself from now on - wouldnt want to insult the lords of the game and get myself in a tough spot.

    After all, who cares about what the peasants think right? What matters is what the CEO wants.

    You got it boss, Im shutting my mouth right now....
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  • Mages are an exception. Mages are the drivers and pushers of human culture. I reckon Mages to ALWAYS be very personally involved into the wars of the "masses".

    Not fighting at the front thou, of course. The lords send the peasants to die - oh, sorry citizen, I meant that the bureaucrats send the "masses" to die, instead of themselves.

    Mages are too damn important for that, after all.

    For other night critters, they would mostly try to hide or run from those events, since those are nothing but trouble, with only some eventual gains....
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  • I really think that the entire problem resides around the theme chosen for the games. Vampires are the cynical elites, so they are ALL garbage - which allowed the writters to dump upon themselves in a sort of detached way. "Lets just present the worse hedonistic and corrupt behaviors we can think about the RL elites that we can". Werewolf is all about mother nature vs "evil capitalism" - actually against evil "industrial world", but "evil industrial world" in the 90's is basically "evil capitalism". So it's monsters fighting cartoonish moustache...
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  • So, basically 5th edition?

    I cant disagree here. Mage was basically written as fighting the "good fight" against Bill Clinton and Bill Gates from the 90's. It is... Somewhat childish in the way it was written. It is a game about cringe edgelords "fighting the system", quite literally. I mean, I absolutely love the 1984 / Brave New World Illuminati whackos of the Technocracy, and turning cyborgs and genengineered aliens on dragons and fairies and fighting fireballs with lasers is delicious, but yes, Mage is rather simplistic, and hey...
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  • Oh absolutely. It's necessary to remember that all those games were created in the 90's, and with that era mentality. Werewolf the Apocalypse is the most 90's environmentalist fantasy of "revenge of mother nature". Vampire is a cynical view of the elites, and Mage is absolutely a criticism against the government, but not just any government, it's against the US government and upon which every possible conspiracy theories are driven into overdrive. Funny how the game didnt took the same consideration in criticizing the communist dictatorships of the USSR or China thou, who were 10.000...
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