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  • It is a campaign in Ancient Mesopotamia based on the imho wonderful Storytellers Vault supplement "Vampire Age of the Living Gods". My players will be Neonates of 7th Generation. In V5 that would be BP 3 as you pointed out so no feeding on animals. Time will go by very slowly so natural BP Increase is not very likely for a time.

    As I said I will run the Campaign with DA V20 rules because the supplement was written with it in mind and is easiest to run as written.

    I might come back to V5 when we play something closer to modern day, maybe Victorian or something...
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  • I agree. I would have had to homebrew anyway if I would use V5 since it has no Baali whom feature heavily in the planned campaign.

    Storytellers Vault is truly a blessing in that regard I must say....
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  • Hello again,

    thank you four all your impressions! I was going to stick do DA V20 anyway since the setting book I use was written with it in mind, but I wondered about it after reading V5 core recently.

    I guess I postpone V5 until after my current campaign plans are done.

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  • (V5) Is a low generation campaign sustainable?

    Hello there,

    I am planning a historical campaign using Dark Ages V20, which I adore, but I had planned on storytelling using V5 for my group sometime and with the players guide on the horizon access to all 13 clans is much more affordable.

    So I pondered how sustainable low Generation PCs are with the V5 rules as written? High Blood Potency seems to have a really harsh effect on hunger and feeding, which I find rather interesting to explore, but I wonder if it would be frustrating in play...I guess frustration is rather subjectic but I hope you get my gist.

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  • Could you provide a link for that please?

    No amount of my google fu brings anything up ^^'...
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