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  • Am I missing something? As far as I was able to find one cannot be forced out of dream by clarity damage - it can at best reduce your dream health to a minimum determined by your Wyrd. I am not sure what happened with a dream form if changeling runs out of clarity and becomes Comatose - definitely not awakening as it seems - but physically pass out in someones dream seems worse.

    Aha! It seems I was a bit blindsided by the description on CTL 2e 216. So, a little example just to confirm I understand it correctly - if a character goes to a dream to draft some legal papers...
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  • Well, in any situation there size of health track becomes a concern I would take an ability to wake up incited of dying. Also was not able to find anything about spending additional Glamour on using gates of ivory (other then taking extras with you) - and using gates of horn requiters you to spend Glamour on entering the Hedge, and locating them - a separate can of worms and risk on itself. About social attributes - it seems that characters with high social attributes would just use oneiromancy more often. Another question about attributes there are a lot to mentions of Resolve + Composure rolls,...
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  • Hi, I an trying to grasp oneiromancy and failing to understand why one would use gate of horn. You lose all the protections provided by the dream form, and only benefit I was able to find is lack of resolve+composure roll to leave a bastion. Am I missing something?
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