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  • Shepherdboi
    replied to Science Skill in Trinity
    Someone with little to no experience with weird phenomena would default to whichever Skill is most reasonable in the situation. Culture, Enigmas, Humanities, and Science are likely to apply, but Skills like Close Combat, Medicine, or Survival could be used to learn things about exotic wounds on a body.

    Without any background dealing with such phenomena, the amount of information they get may be limited to what can be deduced from direct observation and fundamental principals, because there is no publicly available information for the characters to draw upon. You may consider adding...
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  • Not just aliens. It is canon to the setting that Strange Places become less common as the world becomes more thoroughly explored. With the low population density and limited travel of the bronze age, there should be a lot of Strange Places even with the likely limited geographical area of the setting....
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  • Saying that socialism is not bad per se is like saying fascism is not bad per se, as long as you ignore the nazis and other actual fascists. Theoretically correct, but it is hard to divorce the actions of followers of a political philosophy from the political theories they espouse, and doing so does a disservice to their victims.

    You also claim that these atrocities were the result of the leadership rather than their political beliefs, but that isn't entirely true either. The literal definition of socialism is:

    The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was politically a...
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