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    Like seriously, WTF is Paradox doing??

    They have the whole WoD franchise in their grip and they HAVEN'T made a grand strategy game out of any of the splats? Why do they keep allowing these outside affiliated studios make these dumb VR and Battle Royale games that keep flopping?

    Sure, you can play either the CK2 or CK3 Prince of Darkness mods to play in a grand strategy WoD setting.. but it's not the same as fully realized standalone game....
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  • Garou population numbers in urban areas aren't high to begin with. The few that are there are either Bone Gnawers or Glass Walkers. If the Kindred hedged up enough resources and manpower to succeed in a campaign of wiping out the local Garou in the countryside, nothing really noticeable would prop up in the cities itself.

    Maybe the suburban areas, and definitely the rural ones, but urban areas? Again, not that much effect will take place.

    Even if things DO go bad with Banes in Kindred controlled territory, the local prince who had enough power to wipe out the local Garou,...
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