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  • Banu_Saulot
    replied to Places in the city
    Well. Usually its good to begin with an Elysium (or more), that is the hotspot and common hall for vampires in the city. I imagine all sects end up having something similar in their own way, even if it changes. But, a place where the Kindred gather regularly, or can contact each other with ease is important. Be it an entire building, wide but separate place, or some rooms of a bigger complex. Here it will be done the ceremonies, public Kindred announcements, reunions and parties.

    Then you have the Rack. The dirty and practical place to feed, where every Kindred may hunt. It has little...
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  • I understand the idea. Like, yeah Dominate and Animalism control minds and spirits, Potence and Fortitude make your body stronger, etc.
    But, I think the powers are more separated by theme rather than functionality. That is why sometimes Animalism has powers similar to Auspex like feeling people's ferocity, it is supposed to make your feel beast like, instinct-based. I honestly like how it is done, but its certainly possible to synthetize the Disciplines into basics. Even more if you have multiple alternative powers per level (like V5).
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  • Hey, I'm all for it. Especially because I've already done so. I myself have factionalized every sect the game has, as to have an easier time painting the political map of the game, and in a city. It gives a good general direction for an NPC, and grounds for alliances and coups. And there is much Clan material or really deep buried in supplements that corroborate with these additions.

    But basically I took the Council of Scales (of which Critias is part of) idea and made it the moderate Promethean Anarch-sympathizer Camarilla group. Which envelops some Carthian (Cartagenian in this...
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