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  • I've got a couple of (largely negative and very bitter) predictions.
    Angst dice are rather obvious. I foresee the shadowguide component getting jettisoned and the shadow becoming more like the beast of the vampire (possibly shadow natures will be like clan compulsions). I don't know whether they'll rename fetters to touchstones to keep them in theme with the other gamelines, or use the terms as synonyms or what.

    I'd also concur with the idea that the Dark Kingdoms will be reduced, assuming they still exist and weren't wiped out in a maelstrom. If WoD5 follows the same pattern...
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  • Ways for preventing and/or cancelling blood bonds

    ...with minimal fuss, either permanently or repeatedly. In particular, I'd like ways to give the effects of the "unbondable" merit or to "neutralise" a vampire's vitae. Preferably at a price. I'm kind of bouncing ideas around, trying to find something that's not too far out of the bounds of canon/RAW/whatever. It might be something I build a story around.

    Obviously, there's blood sorcery. There are a handful of painful sounding rituals, so options for that would be "be a Tremere," the rather ominous "suck it up and give a Tremere leverage over you...
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