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  • Asmodai when you trade with the spirit to create the fetiche you must do something for him or accept a term with it if i understand. A week one could ask gnosis in exchange or a quick task before the ritual but some more powerfull would ask the garou to act in specific way after the fetiche creation.

    So let me think of a case: a music spirit would accept to be bound to a fetiche only if the garou asking for it is an artist traveler (a galliard silent strider with high performance level), and would ask the garou to prove his talent (by singing, play his instrument). Finally he could...
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  • Little help with uncommon spirits

    My pc are going in our next scenario to go exploring the umbra, looking for old/forgotten spirits. One of them want to specialized in fetiche creation and he had a few idea of fetiche that he could create with the help of time, death, musical spirits and other less known or less common spirits. Time spirit to learn gift allowing him to manipulate time or create a fetiche to do so, death to get some deadly powers, and music to create fetiche that can regenerate willpower of those who listen (or heal mental illness, temporarly increase maximum rage of garou, stun ennemy...).

    As the...
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  • Isn't that inconsistent to whrite the lore with unlikely story's when they next whrite the mechanical? Well with enough imagination of course an ancillae could use dominate on the kindred during month or years to prepare an assault using them as shield and army against garou, even the core W20 tell that vampires are dangerous because of their incredibly complex plans instead of their brute force so it's still possible as long as you explain the circumstances as you guys just did Asmodai and Heavy Arms

    Ok now it make perfect sense, a pack taken by surprise, unprepared without...
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  • Quietus and Domination 9 are indeed extremely useful to force some garou fight with you, indeed. It make more sense than the 1 vs 30 i firstly had in mind.
    As we don't know what tribe, numbers of high rank, number of Garou involved, number and kind of spirits with them and that they were not prepared to face him mithras seemed to had a lot of chance. He had powers and thousens years of experience to react and escape them of course but if a prepared sept (or even a single high rank pack) were after him with the rights gifts, fetiche and spirit i think the result would have been (very) different...
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  • Heavy Arms you're right on all that, and that's where i figure there's some weird things in the lore.
    For vampires ancient, i never understand how work the lore, when you read the gift list garou can have access they can erase temporarly any blood related power (silent strider) steal their power (ragabash) summon an army of spirits and thank to the infinity variety of spirit they theoretically can get any kind of power we can imagine. And every garou can do so with time and rank, that's precisly why the core book tell that even the oldest vampires fear them: fearless monster that come out...
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