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Super Vlad
Super Vlad
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  • Super Vlad
    replied to Making Autumn Sorcery
    What do you mean by making it like Incepts? You mean like the type Angels get?...
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  • Super Vlad
    started a topic Making Autumn Sorcery

    Making Autumn Sorcery

    ...but what if it did? I'm thinking of making a basic form of Autumn Sorcery for my friend's game (he really wants it and knows me as an avid homebrewer) and I'm not sure which system to base it on. So far the options I have are:
    • Blood Sorcery
      • Ranking 1-5, one dice pool, need tiered ability
    • Werewolf's Rites
      • Rankings 1-5, creative dice pools, anyone within splat can access
    • Geist's Ceremonies
      • Rankings 1-5, set dice pools, anyone within splat can access
    • Mummy's Rituals
      • Open Mastery or Closed, set dice pools, Rule of Three, need merit to access
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  • Finished the last three to make it a full-blown Regalia!

    Banshee Wail (Royal, Skull)
    The changeling unleashes a wail of dread and sorrow, raising the voices of the dead to be heard by all.

    Cost: 2 Glamour + 1 Willpower
    Dice Pool: Presence + (Expression or Intimidation) + Wyrd vs Composure + Wyrd
    Action: Contested

    Success: The changeling lets out a scream that causes terror to anyone who can hear her within (Wyrd x 10) meters, not differentiating from friend or foe. The listener suffers the Deafened Tilt (both ears) and Frightened Condition
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  • Super Vlad
    started a topic New Homebrew Regalia - Skull

    New Homebrew Regalia - Skull

    Hello! Posting the newest project that I've been working on over the past couple of weeks: an entirely new Regalia: Skull! The themes so far are Death, Wisdom, and Endings.
    More to come later on!

    Haunting Intercession (Common, Skull)
    There are those who desperately wish for one more night with the departed: enemies seeking final vengeance or forgiveness, lovers hoping for one more embrace, mothers who did not get a chance to say goodbye to their sons. The changeling invokes this Contract in hopes of giving a ghost one more chance to speak and be seen by the living....
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